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WWE Attitude Era DVD Confirmed, WWE Taping NXT Tonight at FSU, Bigelow

– WWE has added the late Bam Bam Bigelow to their Alumni roster.

– WWE returns to Full Sail University tonight for another set of NXT tapings. Confirmed for tonight’s show is Kane vs. Cody Rhodes, likely the dark main event, plus Jim Ross, the WWE Divas in action and more. Remember to join us later on for full spoilers from the show.

– WWEDVDNews reports that WWE will release “The Attitude Era” on DVD and Blu-ray this Holiday season, either late November or early December. A DVD on the Attitude Era has been rumored for sometime. We know that Booker T and Mick Foley have been interviewed for the release.

  • Nick Kidd

    ^ join us and keep dreaming, wwe is not bring the attuide era back for as long as Vince has a heart beat

  • john

    all this attitude era talk… 1000th episodes when they reruns of WWE’s past = mainly attitude era clips… WWE 13 the game = attitude era… now a attitude era DVD? surely there’s a clue in all this?

  • Wellsy

    @misfit del rio

    “Just because” isn’t a reason. You’re supposed to bring an argument to the table after that line!

    WWE has gone soft. They don’t want to offend. They want to be squeaky clean. I’m sorry, but this is a show where people beat each other up. If you want to be squeaky clean, you’re in the wrong form of entertainment.

    The product is people beating each other up. Watering it down makes it a non-contact sport!

  • T-Will

    @BeatMarcToTheNews yeah the 02-05 maybe 06 Era was another great era in WWE but I wouldn’t say Chris Benoit was the poster child exactly what about Lesnar, Cena(when he was entertaining), Eddie Guerrero,and or others.I will say this I’m glad their will be A Attitude Era DVD.

  • Beat Marc To The News

    It wasn’t just the attitude era. It was the ruthless aggression era that followed too. Both of those eras were the best in pro wrestling. Best storylines and best action. Nobody talks about the ruthless aggression era because benoit was the poster boy. But he made it known as the toothless aggression era

  • misfit del rio

    No need for the attitude era, it was great, but its a thing of the past. Look at everytime they bring or brought back the nwo, dx, ecw, and so on. Its just watered down and it cheapens the legacy. Just remember it for what it was. And no we don’t need to hear how the pg era sucks, it has nothing to do with the the lack of blood or cursing. Its he writing and the talent that’s not binging it. I’m happy we no longer have blood or cursing just because. I have no problem with it as long as it makes sense bu seeing blood in every match? Really, what are you accomplishing?

  • Wwebrand

    I hope it has everyone on where and no bleeps. But the thing is what about blur of the wwf logo on a lot of stuff this will take away from the DVD

  • i wonder if they will show chris benoit

  • Nick Kidd

    How about we just bring back the attuide era?

  • michael

    That’s the only way wwe can stay relevant is to release dvds of how great it use to be.