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WWE Begins Concussion Storyline with Triple H

– For those wondering, Triple H is fine and the angle at the end of last night’s RAW was the beginning of what appears to be a concussion storyline.

The idea right now is that the McMahon family will be brought into the storyline eventually. Triple H will likely be off WWE TV for a while and when he returns, Stephanie McMahon and Vince McMahon will try and talk him out of ever wrestling again.

At Extreme Rules on Sunday, Vince McMahon was telling people he had something big planned for RAW and apparently the Triple H angle was it.


  • Pewp

    But you will get to see Tripple H for 2 hours every night! And Divas!

  • Pewp

    WWE did Aces and Eights long ago with DOA. They weren’t a big-jobber stable, but they had a few members and a small run.

  • Pewp

    Ryback is getting buried, Tons of Funk is getting buried but don’t worry because Fandango isn’t. Lame.

    Disco Inferno gets to be a big guy and Tons of Funk has to be a “worse tag team” than the Oriental Express.

  • Pewp

    Ryback has been buried by having a non-finish match after losing 5 Pay Per Views in a row.

  • Will Henderson

    so HHH getting an concussion storyline wise is gonna be the big Summer Angle this year. Summer of Punk or AJ Lee’s Love Square this is not.

  • stockshark28

    WWE copying TNA again! Didn’t Matt Morgan and Mr. Anderson do that angle already come on WWE stop being so damn lazy!!!!

  • Irishrhyno

    Please explain that,he didnt lose to HHH so I dont see how that’s a bad thing.Ryback and Cena also had a match that ended in a draw so were either of them burried?

  • CC

    Well burying new characters/wrestlers seems to be the way they think they are making stars. Take Ryback .. yeah he has had a big push, but he has lost every single PPV and title match (hell, even Sundays match was essentially a loss).
    Zach Ryder was on a huge wave of popularity, so he gets a brief title run, then gets buried, killing all his momentum. Give it a few months, and I bet Fandango will be in the same boat.

    And lets not forget even established talent have to be fed to Orton and Cena from time to time.

    At the moment the only new talent getting a good push is The Shield, but that will probably end the same way as most factions, with them falling out with eachother.

  • adam

    If they really wanted to sell it they should of had Curtis hit triple h with a chair and then go for his finsher. As triple h stands up he suddenly falls out of the ring and then does all that he did on the outside. Instead of having him beat the hell out of curtis and then act hurt.

  • Andrew

    His big plan was to debut a new star and bury him within a few hours? Does this company truly not understand why they have trouble creating new stars?