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WWE Using The Bella Twins for Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena?, Physical WWE HOF Update

– It looks like the physical WWE Hall of Fame will be heading to TNA’s old home after all, the Universal theme park in Orlando, Florida. Word from the park is that the NBA City table-service location is shutting down and there’s talk it will be remodeled as the WWE Hall of Fame.

– The Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena WWE Title match is now planned to co-headline SummerSlam with Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk. With WWE’s Total Divas reality show airing at that point with Cena and Bryan’s relationships with The Bella Twins being featured, it’s very likely that Brie and Nikki will be featured in the Cena-Bryan storyline.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Scooter

    If it’s done right I wouldn’t mind. Both Bellas are heels and Bryan and Cena are faces. so I wouldn’t mind seeing the Bellas push the two of them to prove who was better and have them being at odds with each other. It would make perfect sense with Brie/Nikki/whatever one Bryans dating trying to convince him that John thinks he’s a weak link in WWE.

  • Will Henderson

    i think we are gonna get Face vs. Face with these two unless WWE makes the mistake to turn Daniel back to heel. granted he was a great heel during the world title reign and the AJ Lee going crazy and using CM Punk and Kane to make him jealous angle and the “i’m not the crazy one” angle leading to the official birth of Team Hell No.

    at this point, i want a face vs. face angle where Daniel Bryan does what John Cena did last year and RVD did in 2006, and that win the Money In The Bank briefcase and then cash it in in advance.

  • d_pooch

    Sounds juicy!