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WWE Blocking TNA from Arenas?, WWE Possibly Inducting MSG

– WWE will be inducting a celebrity into this year’s Hall of Fame class. There was actually talk of inducting Madison Square Garden as a building. This year’s class will be larger than usual.

– With TNA Impact Wrestling taking their show on the road, WWE has began contacting a number of major arenas to put holds on them for future dates. At least one person within WWE thinks that if TNA begins going on the road every Thursday, WWE may need to change their touring schedule to Thursday, Friday and Saturday for at least one of the brands.

There is internal talk that WWE will put some arena dates on hold to make sure TNA doesn’t get into them. WWE also may be enforcing some of their non-compete clauses so TNA can’t run in the same buildings they do.

Source: PWInsider

  • D2K

    They should. Might help get people energized. Crowds are dull in the larger arenas. People pay all the money for a ticket, food, parking, and merchandise just to sit on their hands? *smh*

  • D2K

    They should start small anyway. Get a ground-swell going.

  • D2K

    While paranoia is a fact of life in WWE management, I honestly don’t think they would do this because they perceive TNA as a threat. If this is true at all, they are probably doing this out of spite because of the lawsuit.

  • Will Henderson

    it’s not gonna matter anyway, TNA is just gonna tour arenas that WWE doesn’t ever have shows at. like college arenas in major markets where there is a college that is sort of big but not what the market is about.

  • Shawn Bronald

    This is crazy since TNA could never fill the lower floor area of any arena WWE goes to. I’m not being a jerk here, just being honest. They’ve never gone to a real arena. When they’ve taken iMPACT on the road before, or done PPVs on the road, they go to the small venues (and usually have a tough time filling those). Even the iMPACT Zone wouldn’t get filled if the tickets weren’t free and half the crowd was actors.

    For those that might get angry about my comments, let me elaborate with an example. This past October, TNA held their Bound For Glory PPV in Phoenix. BFG is their big show, kind of like a Wrestlemania. The show was not held at US Airways Center (where the Phoenix Suns play) or even the smaller arena (in Glendale, where the Phoenix Coyotes play), no, they held the ‘big event’ at the Grand Canyon University Arena. It was not a packed house, either. Good turnout, but not a sellout. The GCU arena holds 5,000 people. US Airways Center (where WWE would hold Raw, Smackdown or a PPV) holds around 20,000. Even the smaller Arena in Glendale can hold 15,000, but TNA wouldn’t be able to fill a 3rd of it.

    Again, I’m not picking on TNA, I’m just stating facts. And the fact of the matter is this: WWE does NOT need to block any major arena from TNA. In fact, invite them to hold an event there, it would just be embarrassing (honstly, I think TNA is smarter than this and plans to hold events in very small venues, not major sporting arenas like WWE).

  • CC

    Come on guys, lets not take this reporting as fact. Look at all the entries in the Rumble that were reported as fact, and didnt happen. And all the surprise entries that actually did happen, there wasnt one single report about them.
    So much of the insider info is worthless.

    Simple fact is this report suggests WWE would have to consider going on the road on Thursdays, so its not Thursdays that have been put on hold which is when TNA would need them. Also, do WWE even do shows in TNA sized venues?

  • I thought TNA didn’t exist in the WWE Universe?

  • Scooter

    Wow how petty.