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WWE Blocks Zack Ryder’s YouTube Show?, Ryder Comments on Twitter

– WWE Superstar Zack Ryder says that WWE has blocked episode #37 of his “Z! True Long Island Story” online show from being uploaded to YouTube. Ryder wrote the following on Twitter today:

“WWE has blocked this week’s Episode of Z! True Long Island Story…grrrrrreat

Kind of shocked WWE blocked Episode 37 of Z! TLIS…I figured they liked all of the money they’ve been getting by putting ads on my videos

RE-editing/RE-uploading Episode 37…hopefully it doesn’t get blocked this time”

Ryder’s YouTube account appears to be his own and nothing owned by WWE. It’s likely that the video got blocked due to some RAW footage or SmackDown footage that was in the video. It’s also possible that nobody at WWE actually stopped the video but that it was a YouTube filter that activated the block.

  • Devil_Rising

    Why would you hope that? What a tool.

  • venom

    Somebody is going back to the doghouse. I hope.

  • Hunter

    He’s just getting complacent with the show because he’s now on TV. Gone from Thursdays to Fridays, and he’s moaned about it in interviews… you can tell it’s no longer a priority.

  • Will Henderson

    it got blocked because of PPV footage, WWE takes down botchamanias that have PPV footage days after the PPVs air.

  • Pissed Off Fan