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WWE Bringing Back Attitude Era Stars?, More on Vince Incident

– We noted before that a top WWE star recently spoke out to Vince McMahon about the quality of the product and how everything is going downhill, putting the blame on Vince to his face. Other sources have confirmed this went down but details are sketchy because so few people were in the room. Word is the talent let Vince know that he is a big part of WWE’s problems and blaming others and trying to intimidate people into fearing him doesn’t change that fact.

– To help boost ratings, expect to see several Attitude Era stars brought back to WWE TV over the next few months going into WrestleMania 29. A TV angle between CM Punk and Steve Austin to promote WWE ’13 will likely happen.


  • M=M

    märzen, you’re a moron.

  • märzen

    im just saying, why all
    The hate, go watch the wrestler, they put red colour in their skind to pretend they are bleeding or Wrestling secrets exposed in Youtube.. they should say that they Talk during their scene..we shoul all put together a Letter And send it to shane or Vince macmahon

  • Eve’s left nipple

    Just bring back the damn New Age Outlaws, Goldust and some other old talent on a permanent deal. It could possibly draw older fans back and just the three guys I mentioned have still got it, The talent backstage would benefit with some veterans around.

  • Living off the attitude era will only lead them to ignoring the future!, wwe needs to get over it there will never be an attitude era again especially since Vince wants to caterer to his wife’s senate run

  • xXx

    ^^^ why is this person here?

  • paul s

    Marzen what the fuck are u talking about? Go watch the Chris beniot story ans see how fake it is, dickhead

  • märzen

    maybe they should go out before every Match And say that the Match is acted.. People wouldn be pissed to find Out later that they lied

  • the v

    I much preffered christian in tna

  • märzen

    im not sure, but i think Wrestling is Fake, i mean a Angel Lock And stfu hurt, but i think
    The punches are
    Fake.. all the time i was wondering..And i think punk is Not the Real Champion And this is all storyline.. the bodYslam for ex, is Real, but Not the Wrestling..

  • Shawn

    Whichever Superstar suddenly gets a massive push is the guy that spoke up to Vince. You’d think that would mean he’d be buried, but Vince likes guys to have balls and stand up to him. Look at Punk, it worked well for him. My guess is that it was Randy Orton. He will probably return soon as a heel.

  • evetorres_chin

    They really went to the shitter when Edge retired. They need to bump Christian ASAP