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WWE Says Brock Lesnar Is Leaving for Good, Tout Video from Lesnar

– WWE’s Twitter announced that Brock Lesnar is leaving WWE for good tonight after his appearance on RAW with Paul Heyman.

They posted the following Tout video:

  • jeff

    he looks like mr clean

  • Really

    We all know he is coming back,

    Plus he would never go back to UFC and his last couple of fights show he cant defend himself.

  • sam

    yeah ok brock what ever you say, see you in the run up to survivor series

  • JohnCena33

    HES COMING BACK AT SURVIVOR SERIES. Honestly dont you guys read the other articles????

  • nnac

    see ya around rumble time brock

  • Josh McDOWELL

    @xXx yea they really do think the so called “universe is a bunch of dummies. everyone knows that lesnar will still wrestle 2-3 matches before his current deal is up and he will probably resign. its insulting.

  • D2K

    @ Greg: He cannot go back to mixed-martial arts because of his diverticulitis. It nearly killed him. It is too dangerous. After Alistair Overeem kicked him in his mid-section in that last fight that was enough for him to call it quits.

    I guess that they want to save up all the dates he has left to build up his Wrestlemania match.

    It’s too bad. Lesnar looks to have gotten back in game shape. He could be WWE no.1 attraction if they market him right.

  • d

    i am now sure it will be brock vs undertaker

  • bb

    sorry not “me” it is “Mr”
    . 🙂

  • bb

    sorry Me Lesnae, i do not believe you.

  • xXx

    they really think people are stupid no?


    Leaving for good until WrestleMania

  • greg

    sucks that this is bull

  • greg

    good WWE sucks anyways
    go back to UFC and do record breaking numbers again
    now every internet cockboy can hate me