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WWE Building To a Huge Six-Man Match?, Speculation on WWE Bringing War Games Back

– The idea of doing The Shield vs. Evolution (Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton) has been pitched, possibly for the WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view, depending on who challenges Daniel Bryan for the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

There’s speculation that we will see an Evolution vs. The Shield War Games match but it probably won’t happen. The idea of bringing back War Games has been brought up many times over the years but Vince McMahon always shoots it down.


  • David Webb

    Its like this,when you hear “Hell In A Hell” and “Elimination Chamber” you think of WWE but when you hear “War Games as in pro wrestling you think of NWA/WCW.
    Hell In A Cell and Elimination Chamber is WWEs monster cage matches.
    War Games is immortalized as NWA/WCWs monster cage match.
    Just about every pro wrestling promotion has their own signature cage match that has a roof on it and I believe that may be the reason why Vince shoots the idea of having a “War Games” match down.
    Yes,these promotions takes ideas from each other and uses it for their own in a slightly modified way.
    The name may be different,the match may be different but ultimately it is the same thing,a cage match with a roof on it.

  • Will Henderson

    as many times “War Games” has been brought up, don’t expected to happen, consider the War Games match concept retired in the main stream level, indy fed may still use it, but not WWE, TNA or ROH.