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WWE Bumps Sunny from Tonight’s HOF Special, More Notes on the Show

– WWE has decided to remove Sunny’s induction from tonight’s WWE Hall of Fame broadcast on the USA Network. Instead, they will air Drew Carey’s induction since they have a promotional deal with him to push his new TV show. Carey’s speech will have to be cut down a lot due to all of the boo’s that he received from the crowd.

Tonight’s one-hour special will open up with Dusty Rhodes inducting The Road Warriors and Paul Ellering. The show will close with Shawn Michaels being inducted by Triple H.

A video package will highlight the inductions of Sunny, Abdullah the Butcher and Bullet Bob Armstrong.

Source: PWInsider

  • theviewtvshow

    sunny should give her ring back and tell them to fuck off

  • erik

    I would rather see greatest play by play broadcaster in pro wrestling gorilla moonsoon than drew carey!

  • peep it

    Well just goes to show you that its all business for the wwe clowns. Promote and induct Carey, and drop a person who earned there way to be in that so called hall of shame. I mean fame.

    What the fuck. I swear everytime you want to hear to see something good from the WWE they A L W A Y S like clock work go and fuck it up. Who give a rats ass about Carey be inducted. Who next kermet the frucking frog !

  • italia911

    Drew Carey give a F*ck… break … this is bad for fan like me who have been following wrestling over 18 years … machoman ? jake “the snake” robert ? owen hart … who next in ? (max moon ? – dink the clown ? – snoop dog)

  • FU WWE. Amd FU Drew Carey. We want Sunny.

  • @angel It’s not about Drew Carey being funny. It’s about the “celebrity wing” in the WWE Hall of Fame being pointless and a slap in the face to those who have paved the way for wrestling and are not inducted yet. We’d rather have those who have actually contributed to wrestling inducted, not a baseball player, football player, or the game show host for “The Price is Right”.

  • Rucdogg

    Wow, first I was looking forward to seeing Sunny because she is soooo hot, second that is a joke. Sunny is a true WWE Hof not Drew Carey. So lame, guess I can take a bathroom break when he is on.

  • angel

    drew carey is a funny comedian. wwe fans don’t have a sense of humor.

  • This sort of thing is exactly why Bruno Sammartino is not accepting a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame.

  • Devil_Rising

    Again. WWE cares more about a cross promotion with a an actor like Carey, than they do inducting the quote-unquote “First Diva”.

    So much for accolades, right. On TV at least.

  • Dave

    This whole Drew Carey thing is just bad. If WWE wants their Hall of Fame to be taken as seriously as the Baseball Hall of Fame or the Football Hall of Fame, they can’t induct someone because they spent 10 seconds in a Royal Rumble just to promote a show on the Game Show Network.

  • CC

    My guess is that another factor is that from all the reports I have read, the introduction by Laycool was awful.
    To be honest though, it would have just been better if they cut all the introductions and just included the inductees.