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WWE Tries to Capitalize Off Jeremy Lin, Ezekiel Jackson’s Push, Jericho

– Chris Jericho wrote the following on Twitter after last night’s RAW Supershow:

“It’s official. @CMPunk vs @IAmJericho at Wrestlemania 28 Let the madness begin…. #iamthebestintheworld”

– WWE has been pushing Santino Marella as the underdog lately to play off the hype surrounding New York Knicks star Jeremy Lin. It was said that Santino got his Elimination Chamber spot because of Randy Orton’s injury and Jeremy Lin’s popularity.

– WWE officials had been considering renewing the push of Ezekiel Jackson but it appears those plans have been nixed. After losing to David Otunga on last night’s RAW Supershow, Jackson has lost 5 straight televised matches and has no TV or pay-per-view wins in 2012 yet.

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  • venom

    Jackson is so boring. He desrves to be a jobber.

  • nick

    i think the lin story is b.s to be honest…. kinda a reach to compare lin’s popularity to santino and his 1 night of fame

  • chronoxiong

    I was kind of wondering why Santino got a push out of nowhere. It had to be due to Linsanity. Haha..

  • adam

    Im glad there not pushing him. Not that otunga is any better but at least he does more then 3 moves a match. This is a typical ezeiel jackson match…scoop slam scoop slam scoop slam scoop slam scoop slam shoulder block sloop slam tourtre rack.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    Anyone who thinks Otunga is improving needs their fucking eyes checked. Same people who say Miz has improved, and is great on the mic. Miz is awful, always will be. Just a poor man’s Jericho, and I’m so glad Jericho pointed that out during a recent promo. But Otunga is the fucking worst “wrestler” I’ve ever seen. The guy clearly just doesn’t GET it nor has IT. I’d rather watch The Great Khali. Yeah, he sucks, and he knows he sucks. But at least he does it with a smile on his face and has a good time.

  • True money

    @Sammo did u actually believe he was gunna win doe?

  • Sammo


    You seriously believe everything that’s printed in tabloids?! I’m guessing you’re not so smart…

  • shawn

    Otunga is improving, but i feel hes being televised more because of his looks considering there are other talents that i want to see. remember the Dudebusters? an exciting team i didnt want to see go away and would garner no attention from any other country besides USA. now if they were to televise Zeke more they would fail imo because hes lackluster and slow moving. a lot of people dont want to see that. its looks, nationality and charisma the WWE care about. its the way it is. now they should dig the bottom of the barrel and really work with these underdogs and see where that goes once they give em a fair amount of exposure because they can already wrestle. not all of them at once but gradually. but who knows, keeping them may be convenient because they want to keep Superstars on that channel.

  • Paton

    yeah because the first thing I thought about when Marella pinned Rhodes was Lin… idiots

  • Bawb

    @ Kane

    Yeah, I have no idea how they are trying to relate the two.

  • kane

    an Asian American gets over in basketball so they push a Italian Canadian? Ok.

  • Stashathan

    @davey zoo
    lol its too bad that Otunga will be leaving the company
    when his contract is up… You obviously dont know
    that he and Hudson are engaged now and Hudson said
    the only way that would happen if he walked away from
    wrestling… True Facts… My gf reads those tabloid things

  • Ant

    comedy characters always deserve to be champ cuz there gimmick is over with the fans…i say have cody rhodes vs santino marrella for the intercontinental championship at wrestlemania and have santino win the title then cody can move on to feud with goldust

  • Valo487

    A better question is why do you think he deserves to be champion?

  • Sammo

    @True money

    Santino was in the elimination chamber just 2 days ago… how does that not count as getting a chance to be champion?!

  • True money

    Sux santino will never really get a chance to be champion

  • Davey Zoo

    Yeah good push for him and Mason Ryan. A loss to David Otunga will get you over and tapping out to Jack Swagger on superstars will do the same. They are on the precipice of greatness.

    Oh well I don’t like either and honestly prefer Swagger to both. For that matter, I prefer Otunga to them as well. He may not be liked but he certainly is improving.