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WWE Catches Up with Jonathan Coachman, “Five Things” Bound to Happen at WrestleMania

– WWE’s latest “Five Things” with Tom Phillips looks at 5 things that are bound to happen at WrestleMania XXX:

– The latest “Where Are They Now?” on looks at former WWE announcer Jonathan Coachman, who has been in the news this week after teasing a WWE-related announcement.

Coach talked about how WWE was supportive when he got the job offer from ESPN. He also talked about how WWE prepared him for the ESPN job:

“I’ve become a very, very good writer, and I don’t feel like I anchor, I perform. I think that’s the biggest thing I’ve taken out of WWE. I’ve gotten to a point where The Coach is somebody people believe in, whether I’m doing wrestling or college basketball on a Tuesday night. Without all of those different experiences at WWE, I know I wouldn’t be as good doing this as I am now.”

  • Joe Sweat

    I met Jonathan Coachman in an elevator in a hotel once. The wrestlers were staying on a floor below. My dad and I just came from that Backlash PPV in Lexington, KY where HBK tag-teamed with god (yep it happened). We had our chairs we sat in and I hat a wrestling shirt on. So, we got in the elevator to go up and there he was talking on his cell about going out with Big Show tonight. We were sorta staring at him while we shared the elevator. Who wouldn’t? He looked at us and said “How ya doin, fellas?” I’m sure I just smiled and said nothing. I can’t remember. Later, I went down to the lobby and saw Joey Styles in the bar. Oh, and Shane McMahon was at the desk paying bills or something. His security took him away before I could say anything to him. A crowd was gathering.