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New WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio Says He Wants to Retire in 5 Years

– Carlos sent word that new WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio spoke with Mexican news agency Notimex last week and told them that he is looking to retire from in-ring competition in five years. Del Rio added that he wants to work a limited farewell tour and finish up with a retirement match in his home of San Luis Potosi.

The translation from Spanish to English is rough but here are some quotes from the Del Rio interview:

“I already decided. I want to retire in five years and will make a farewell tour but not as many who do 250 fights. Seek a dignified farewell to a fight in San Luis Potosi, my native land and in the Arena Mexico, my home.”

“I decided to go full power and thus having managed to be the best Mexican fighter in this difficult race. I’m tired because it takes great dedication and sacrifice but also left me enormous satisfaction.”

“To where I have arrived I have taken fully the name of my dynasty and know that my family is proud than I have done, so when the moment arrives for hanging the boots I will continue enjoying the place that I deserved myself.”

  • venom

    Del Rio is a good wrestler. You are suppose to hate the heels so he is doing a good job.

  • beefcake

    This actually brilliant by wwe as kevin nash is bodyguard, sets a story line for big show to get some action and eventually the title with nash turning face, then turn heel again to take title of big show

  • be heard

    Its all about th business end for WWE you fuck sticks. They are going to Mexico and he native there. So it makes sense $$$$ to take the red case cash it in. Trust me, nxt ppv or even before then he’ll drop it cause aside from his banana fucking side kick he aint got shit going for him. And what fucking dip shit that just got the title handed to him, would say in 5 years he want to retire? I mean that like saying he I got a raise and you know what in 2 days fuck it im gonna quit. Come on son.

  • The Man

    He’s just crap I’d rather D Lo brown be world champ. Your looking st the real deal now woooooooo

  • cheesehandler

    all you fuckin chumps that post hate mail on ADR can eat a dick….this just means hes doing his job…something most of you probably know nothing about….A JOB!!!

  • Tombstone1108

    ADR is actually a very good wrestler (oops i mean sports entertainer) His job is to make you not like him and I would say he is doing it very well. WWE needs to push all the new talent they can not just cm punk as some seem to think. I personally believe the whole punk ordeal was a work. I think he read what people were saying on the net and WWE gave him the go ahead to say what we all wanted to hear.

  • bloodstone

    just because i don’t like del rio don’t make me a racist shit head so tired of people playing race cards . i could care less if he was pink. i don’t like the guy last time i check i still have the right to like or dislike someone im sure in the REAL world del rio is a really nice guy . my point is now money in the bank is a lost cause im a big fan of Bryan Danielson i was hoping he would become champ when he cashes in but now after summer slam he should loose to try to keep the thrill of m.i.t.b going so know i guess i hate white people too

  • D2K

    Most people hate Del Rio because he fits the model of the ‘token champion to a T. Even since his debut WWE has had an agenda to promote him as a WWE champion. Not to say that Del Rio has no talent because he does have talent. However in my estimation it is not enough so much that he should has surpassed so many others on the ladder in such a short period of time. In less than a year’s time Del Rio has already main-evented (if you can call it that) in a World title match at Wrestlemania against Edge. From what I saw in that match Del Rio still has a lot to learn.

    I don’t necessarily have a problem with Del Rio having the title however because I see something BIGGER at the root of all this. You can expect CM Punk to totally go ham on the mic on RAW tonight and bring up a lot of the things I just said.

  • Camille

    Good job WWE you push him to the moon and he’s retiring in 5 years.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Bandwagon jumpers are pissed because Del Rio pinned their beloved Punk. People bitch and moan about it always being the same people in the title picture, we get someone new with actual talent and what happens? They continue to bitch and moan, can’t please fans that think they know it all. But you already knew that…

  • daniel

    alberto del rio wants to retire after what 6 years of competition to quote the miz “REALLY REALLY” come on i felt when i saw him what a fresh gust of air wow he should be good but albert’s antics are like a 3000 year old stale mummies fart

  • @charlie It’s called a period. It looks like this “.” and it’s supposed to end your sentences so people won’t get an aneurysm from reading that drivel you call a post

    Del Rio is talented in the ring. The one gripe I have is that WWE made him champion too soon, but it was the only logical choice to give the belt to so WWE can make Punk vs. HHH work.

  • Super Dave

    Jeez I thought I hated Cena fans but you “hardcore” or “smart” fans are just as annoying. Del Rio is amazing and all you do is bitch about him. You want WWE to get better but you are blind by your anger to see it has improved. Stop hating on everything, the finish was good and Del Rio as champ is a good idea. CM Punk needs to build not become a tatooed Cena.

    Just shut up already and enjoy
    p.s. most of you are bitching because you are dumb racist shit heads. Go watch Nascar because there are no Mexicans watching that garbage.

  • dr bum face

    Win the belt then say you’ll retire yeah real smart sht for brains

  • Devil_Rising


    You’d like to think that Punk will win the belt back. But no, I’m afraid that’s not going to be the case. We all can pretty much assume that it will in fact be Cena eventually winning the belt (for the 647th time) from Del Rio.

    Also, the haters need to quit being retarded and get an education. I’m not a big fan of Del Rio, but the guy is a great wrestler.

  • Gigi

    If you all hate alberto del rio then obviously he is doing his job right

  • adam

    Most of you are hating on del rio because of the way he wins he cheats some times. Guess what so did eddie and edge and numerous other wrestlers. Plus punk will eventually win the title back and at least its not cena getting the title so thats a win. Now if they can just change the damn title belt i will be happy. Plus its a return of kevin nash and unexpected.

  • charlie

    I can’t stand that fuckin cocky fuckin gay ass frog face looking Mexican who everytime opens his mouth you wanna punch and no one hates del Rio because he beat punk he is just so dam annoying he made royal rumble seem like a pussy match by winning fuck that Faget

  • zebra hunter

    Couldn’t care less,what he does

  • Im Latino Heat and Im Rated R

    hey ADR is one of the best talents now in the wwe, most are just hating cuz he beat Cm Punk, but hey dont worry Punk will be back on the tittle scene in not time, what did you expect from Del Rio hes awesome, but you already knew that 😉

  • breezy

    u cant stand adr because he gets cheap wins? wat are u like 6?

  • Ricardo Rodriguez


  • Little Jimmy Dudley

    Heaven help us. Five more years of this dope. It’s unfortunate that WWE chose the ridiculous personna for him that they did. With his grappling background, he could have been built up as a master tactician. If there is one fool in the planet that still goes nuts when he pulls up in the rented car, he’s probably wearing an ADR t-shirt.

  • Hunter

    Del Rio is amazing in my opinion- entertaining matches, good on the mic, has ”the look”… only problem I possible see is that WWE tried to throw him down our throats.

  • Annoyomous

    I agree with bloodstone, I cant stand del rio neither, he always got to get cheap wins

  • bloodstone

    im not a fan of cm punk but i can’t stand Del Rio wwe should of had Del Rio cash in and loose would put punk way over now money in the bank doesn’t mean shit . Del Rio bio says he 34 i find that hard to belive im 47 and i don’t look half as old as he does . and he not that great of a wrestler

  • CM Mark

    Five years, how about five minutes that works better for me.