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WWE Champion CM Punk Set to Feud with Lord Tensai Soon?

– WWE has pointed out that “Tensai” means disaster in a new article looking at Lord Tensai’s debut last night on RAW from Miami.

Speculation is that Lord Tensai will be feuding with WWE Champion CM Punk after John Laurinaitis told Punk that “natural disasters” were headed his way. Laurinaitis made the comment on RAW last night after promising more competition for the WWE Champion.

When news broke last month of Tensai coming to WWE, first reports were that he would be a “henchmen” for Laurinaitis.

  • rick

    did any1 else think that wen laurinitas said there would be “dark storm clouds” and “a natural disaster” heading punks way, that he ment lesnar? wat with the f5 being a type of tornado (or hurricane i dont no which)

  • moo

    Tensai means genius in Japanese, stupid American!

  • Shawn

    Lots of people will diss Tensai, but I like the idea of him feuding with Punk. Both are very skilled. Yes, you heard correctly. Tensai was a top star in Japan. Japan takes wrestling very seriously. He’s had some really good matches, look up his match against Kurt Angle while in NJPW.

  • Jon-Jon

    The mist thing threw me at first, but I guess its kinda cool. It fits the Japanese gimmick. We all know Punk will bring up Prince Albert, the fact that Tensai isn’t even Japanese, and his new Japanese facial hair lol

  • Ant

    ummm why r u idiots assuming lord tensai cant beat cm punk to become the new wwe champion all hes gotta do is spit some mist in his hand and give cm punk the claw of doom and its over

  • wyxfy

    brocks move is also the f-5, a tornado class. does that mean punk will be facing brock as well?

  • Omar

    “Disaster” is certainly a word that sprung to mind after seeing Albert’s redebut.

  • b c Mitchell

    The crowd wasn’t exactly dead. They were loudly chanting A-train at him. On a side note, considering the fact that he has, the old shave your back joke is null. Plus the article said he may be feuding with Punk soon. It doesn’t say he will be today. It could be a month or 2 from now. Everyone needs to relax. They’re gonna “feed” him to Punk because that’s why they hired him.

  • rko

    Did anyone hear the crowd when a-train made his debut as the samurai character? The crowd was dead. The only thing you heard was shave your back. I can tell right off the bat this is going to be a disaster(no pun) He needs to go back to japan where he’ll get over.

  • CC

    It was only last week that this site was saying that WWE wanted to drag out the feud with Jericho even longer, and now its saying this.
    I am sure if they throw a few more names into the mix, then one of the stories will be true.

  • 1919dpg

    terrible idea. whats atrain gonna do once he gets beat by punk?? his steam will be gone. they should build him up against someone who isn’t champ..maybe even an orton or jericho.

  • xXx

    maybe a-train will cost punk the title and commence with their feud? could be a logical point. but i guess they should be building up tensai and squashing others like trent baretta, zack ryder, yoshi tatsu and the like.. oh, and put some r-truth and kofi to make him look ‘dominant’.. maybe put a little big show in there as well.. cuz yano, you cant just throw a monster heel in front of punk, its stupid..

  • cakes

    ^^^or wade barrett, along with poko’s point

  • poko

    It’s been the WWE method of operation for awhile now to bring in a guy fresh and push him to the top, THEN knock him back down to the mid-card for awhile. They have to keep bringing in new heels because they make the ones they’ve got look so weak. It wouldn’t surprise me if they did the same thing with “Lord Tensai” that they did with Sheamus when he was a heel.

  • Prince

    Not sure why they’d just throw Lord Tensai right into a feud with Punk. Assuming Punk will still be holding the title, we all know he’ll go over. Not sure how that helps Tensai at all. It’d make more sense for him to have a few successful feuds first with guys below Punk’s level.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    You know Punk is going to mention “Prince Albert” at least once in a promo.