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WWE Champion CM Punk Speaks Out Against The Rock

– WWE Champion CM Punk spoke with The New York Daily News today. Punk had the following to say about The Rock’s return:

“You know, the thing about that is, he’s not around. He’s not around. It doesn’t help morale when the guy goes right from his limo to the dressing room to the dressing room to the ring. He’s very bourgeois Hollywood.”

CM Punk told the paper that The Rock has made little effort to interact with the rest of the locker room.

“He came back, he did WWE Raw after that. He said he was never gonna leave. And the next time we saw him is a month later. Yeah, it does bother me. A little hello would have been nice. He could have run by with his own entourage.”

Punk was asked if The Rock is a diva. He replied:

“I can’t say that. At least the WWE Divas say hi to me in the halls.”

  • venom

    Look for CM Punk vs The Rock at Suumer Slam. This is a work.


    PUNKS pipebomb is just a little firecracker!

  • Paton

    massive fan of both. I enjoy seeing Rock back and try not to think of the fact he disowned everything about “The Rock” for 5 years. Only reason he is back is because he is a big enough movie star that appearing 3 times a year in WWE won’t “damage” him.

    getting away from all this backstage crap, Punk has been twice as entertaining as The Rock anyway and that’s what WWE is all about.

  • Nicholas G

    Make no mistake I am not dissing the Rock. Love the Rock one of the greatest of all time. All I am just saying is CM Punk is just pointing out what he feels. One of the thing I like about CM Punk is he is going to tell you how he feels. You don’t have to agree with everything he say but you have to respect his honesty. CM Punk is the new leader of the WWE an all he is saying is how he feels about the Rock. Remember this there is now love lost between the Rock vs Punk. Don’t think there will ever be a match between the two because The Rock got his Hollywood career right now an lets face it Punk would most likely hurt the Rock. Because Punk is a real wrestler and the Rock is a sport entertainer not a wrestler. Now I love the Rock just never look at him as a real wrestler the same with Cena.

  • No1Coleminer

    omg stopp dissing rocky!!! he is the most amazing thing ever in the history of the world and creation!!!! all of u are punk marks and dont understand how awesomely amazing rocky is!!!

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    See this exactly what ive been saying, Most of you were creaming your jeans over Punk but then he says something negative (yet true) about the Rock and all of a sudden your ready to chase him out of town. Hypocrites!

  • No1Coleminer

    no one should ever, and i mean ever diss rocky!!! he has given us awesome matches and the acting roles that even the great brando and de neiro, to name a few, could simply not handle! shi#t why isnt rocky running for president?

  • HighVoltage101

    Enough with this ‘we need to start pushing younger guys’ nonsense. Let’s face it, WWE has tried this, but the truth is noone can draw like Stone Cold and The Rock did. So The Rock agrees to return for another run and bring in the dollars one more time. Why wouldn’t Vince jump at the opportunity and give him the spotlight? It’s good business. When you have ‘it,’ you have ‘it.’ The Rock clearly has ‘it’ in abundance and clearly brings in more money than anyone else for the WWE. So CM Punk, until you can draw like The Rock, quit having bitch fits about logical business decisions and shut up.

  • MJ

    I mean cm punk knows what your beloved rock is outside of the ring

  • MJ

    The rocky marks all on this! Guys cm punk is saying they need to start promoting the new guys because the rock hasn’t been there for 7 years and i dont have a problem with that because the guy can do whatever he wants, BUT! Your not in the locker room but punk is and he knows what punk is like outside of the ring! Stop acting all defensive because what he’s saying is true. stone cold pats guys on the back and even wanted wwe to sign karma and samoa joe. while awesome truth gets buried by the rock and now their split! Any questions?

  • Buttercastle

    The thing is, Rock has other things on his agenda. I’m sure if the guy wasn’t filming or promoting movies then he’d be there more often. He returned to the ring for the first time in years and still electrified the people. Is he dedicated to his fans? Absolutely. He has fans as a wrestler and fans as an actor. We are getting the best of both worlds. How can people honestly get upset over someone who is basically living in two worlds? As much as I like Punk, I’ve been a Rocky fan since day one and I’ve never bashed him for moving on. In fact I have more respect and I’m that much bigger of a fan because he’s doing more than just one form of entertainment and in the end is entertaining a lot more people.

  • 1 2 3

    Rocks one of the only wrestlers ever to get out of wrestling and move on to bigger and better things. Then when he comes back he steals the show!

    Punk needs to move on!

  • Nicholas G

    Man don’t you just love how the internet so turned on CM Punk. I mean IWC talk about they wanted oh somebody different being the WWE champion somebody other then Cena and Randy Orton. Well now you have that in CM Punk an what do we have internet fans already tired on Punk. I can’t wait an you know it is coming when CM Punk lay a pipe bomb on the internet an tell those people that are never happy what the real world is like instead of there little world. Oh also if The Rock has a problem with CM Punk I am sure Punk is not hard the fine. The big different is Punk will not be as nice a John Cena has been with all do respect.

  • JerezanoDeCoraz√≥n

    Listen guys, The Rock doesn’t owe us anything. He paid his dues, accomplished as much as he could for the time he was a full timer. He had the opportunity to go to Hollywood and took it. He came back because he wants to. If he didn’t want to be back, he’d pack his stuff and leave, never to be heard of again. Those 7-8 years that he was gone could have been 10,20, or hell, he could have never come back. So now that he’s back, enjoy it, be entertained and stop complaining. This won’t last forever.

  • RAMSES 2


  • Best in the world

    Lmao, good lord, get off of Rocky’s nutsack guys. Punk makes a good point. Yeah rock did a lot, but he also feeds the fans a whole lot of shit and doesn’t deliver.

    And as for Rock doing more than CM Punk could ever accomplish? I don’t even think I need to comment on that. CM Punk has done more than most wrestlers have, Period.

  • No1Coleminer

    lollll all validity lost and read no further than “punk burying rocky” really? really. really? asif anyone can bury the great one, not even the mighty brandon frasier could keep him down for long

  • John

    Why should The Rock respect Punk? He did more in 3 or 4 years then Punk could ever hope to accomplish in his career. Punk constantly buries him and then he expects him to reach out and kiss his ass. I think Punk’s the one whose ego is out of control. And from what I understand he’s a huge a**hole in real life.

  • No1Coleminer

    OMG I call blasphemy, how dare anyone and i mean anyone think they have the right to speak to the great one!?!!?! CM Punk is getting buried for this outrageous comment and sent to the bottom of dirtsheet pile!the audacity of punk is unreal, people should be great full enough rocky showed them one more time each one of his moves and catchphrases to boot (2asses).

  • really

    I do not know if punk is cutting a promo or legit complaint about Rock. The fact is Rock and his agents or whoever made a choice if he had a chance to make it in hollywood he had to turn his back on wrestling and wrestling fans, no more “rock” no more appearances nothing, wrestling is a dirty word and rock did everything he could to distance himself from the people who made him great.

    Now some will understand and forgive others will not. It’s that simple and i’m not just talking fans but wrestlers

  • Crocop

    I love Punk, but I hope when he gets his ‘Mania bonus cheque, he looks for the Rock and shakes his hand.

  • C – Sation

    i spent 6 years in the indys and even there hand shakes hugs and hellos are a sign of respect even if you dont know the person.

  • Rob

    CM Punk = Canadian Moosepiss Punk.

  • HighVoltage101

    Punk has his panties in a twist because nobody was parading about his WWE Championship victory at Survivor Series, The Rock clearly stole the show.

    The Rock is without a shadow of a doubt one of the all time greats, making remarks like this makes Punk look insecure and jealous. Punk’s good but he just doesn’t have that x factor The Rock possesses and I’m not sure he ever will. I think Punk knows this himself and that’s what bothers him. Working on your craft will allow you to stand a chance to live up to The Rock’s accomplishments Punk, whining will not.

  • BloodScorpio

    Why does CM Punk care? You bash him yet you want him to say hi? I like CM Punk but c’mon. He sounds like Cena right now with his whining.

  • Lex

    KitKrock’s lady parts… trending worldwide

  • theTruth

    I like Punk and all but leave the guy alone. Stop trying to mold him to be like you. He paid his due. He’s actually doing you a favor more than you know it.


    Rock wears Purple Panties and Joe Isch is a Lame

  • Joe Isch

    Cena wears pink underwear.

  • Jay

    @KitKrock..another disgruntle hater.

  • Bill

    Punk criticized Rock sometime AFTER Rock’s return. He’s probably upset that Rock snubbed most of the locker room. I’m sure a guy like SCSA has to have given props to Punk & others in the locker room face-to-face. Nobody’s criticizing Austin.

  • Bawb


    It’s because I’ve criticized Punk for his whiny gimmick and interviews in other posts. Didn’t want to be too repetitive.

  • KitKrock

    rock sold out on us. if really really loves the fans, he would be on raw every week.

  • Nicholas G

    Oh I love the Rock and respect him a great deal. Put CM Punk does post some truth when it comes to this part. The Rock should show some of the younger guys a little more respect then he has. A little hello would not hurt one bit. To me CM Punk is the right leader for the WWE not many people will like what he say from time to time. Put to me Punk is all about making an impact right now. An CM Punk is going to make one heck of a noise oh is he going to make wrestling so fun again. Now not everything I will agree with Punk put Punk getting some kind of reaction to me is better then no reaction.

  • nick

    But strangley when commenting on punk slamming rock u couldnt count him in your none diverse. point made, punk is the most diverse Wrestler on the roster

  • Second City Saint

    Punk is awesome but The Rock is one of The Greatest Wrestlers of all time

  • Bawb

    Yeah, because he’s going to go up to the guy that continually bashes him and say hi. I doubt the Rock kept himself the whole time on RAW and SS. Didn’t he put over Ryder after the match?

    If this generation of “Superstars” were as good as the past generation, I’d probably be more supportive of them. But they are just not interesting to watch, both on the mic and in the ring. The mic work, is a result of stale gimmicks and writing, but still. I think the Rock, last night, showed more of a repertoire than Cena, Miz, and Truth combined. All the other ones had punches, kicks, clotheslines, and shoulder knockdowns. It’s sad that the wrestlers these days just aren’t diverse.