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More Former WWE Champions To Be Added To Money in the Bank Ladder Match?

– WWE announced last week that only former WWE Champions will be allowed to compete in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a title shot at the WWE Title. John Cena, Big Show, Kane and Chris Jericho were announced for the match and WWE gave the impression that just those 4 Superstars would be participating in the match.

WWE is now teasing that more former WWE Champions may be added to the match and we may find out more names on tonight’s RAW Supershow. They wrote:

“It was mandated last week that the WWE Title Contract Money in the Bank Ladder Match will only feature Superstars who have previously hoisted the WWE Championship itself. Thus far, John Cena, Big Show, Chris Jericho and Kane are the only competitors announced for the contest, but we’d be surprised if a former champion or two didn’t rear his head from an unexpected location and throw his hat (so to speak) into the mix.”

  • Hes got a bicycle

    *lights off*


    *Rock comes down to the ring*

    *fans chant YOU SOLD OUT*

    *rock cries*
    *rock leaves* … *AGAIN*

  • JohnCena33


  • Matthew Carter

    For Raw MITB ladder match, I wouldn’t be surprised to see JBL, Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, and The Miz Qualify. For Smackdown MITB ladder, I wouldn’t be surprised if ADR, Dolph Ziggler, and Cody Rhodes all qualify as well. And My predictions: RAW MITB Winner: John Cena, Smackdown MITB Winner: Cody Rhodes

  • SYM

    @TrevorAllen23 Get the Fuck out my Face with that Bull Shit.

  • @TrevorAllen23

    why so many dislikes? do you guys not want to see a WRESTLING… GOD! in Action?

  • Shrewd Dude

    Brock Lesnar is a former WWE champion…

  • B

    Miz wore at hat during his Morrison/Miz days right? I think one of the most likely candidates to be in it anyway even if that’s not who they’re referring to.

  • ant

    itll probably be rey mysterio,the miz,and del rio added to mitb and itll probably be Sheamus vs Dolph Zigger for the World Heavyweight Title at the MITB PPV(which i wouldnt mind)

  • joe

    @ogitchida naw orton can’t be in it because he is still going to be suspended through the mitb ppv

  • Bill

    Rey Mysterio, Del Rio, Miz, & Undertaker(if possible) should be added.

  • Stashathan

    I like how in the article it says “WWE gave the
    impression”, I like how they are covering ip their
    tracks lol just yesterday W-E, not WWE said only
    these four would be in it dont lie to us Middleton

  • Sammo

    It would be pretty mad if The Undertaker gets involved with the MITB!

    But then, I guess he doesn’t wear a hat anymore… He’s more of a hoodie kind of guy.

  • OGitchida

    and Randy Orton….

  • @TrevorAllen23

    btw would anyone be interested in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship between Ziggler, Orton, and Punk at Wrestlemania?

  • @TrevorAllen23

    JBL? maybe.. lol throw his “hat” so to speak. just an idea..

  • BestInTheWorld

    Rey Mysterio’s prettymuch certain then