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New WWE Champions Crowned at SummerSlam in LA

– Alberto Del Rio is the new WWE Champion after defeating the former Champion, CM Punk, at tonight’s SummerSlam pay-per-view.

Moments after Punk won the WWE Title match against John Cena, Kevin Nash returned to WWE and laid Punk out. This brought out Del Rio, who cashed in Money in the Bank to become the new WWE Champion.

A new bodyguard for Del Rio was discussed as far back as two months ago and it looks as if they have filled that role with Kevin Nash.

Punk’s win over John Cena also came in controversial fashion as Cena’s foot was on the ropes and special referee Triple H didn’t see it.

  • Tombstone1108

    My predictions are–A feud between Cena and HHH.
    A feud between CM Punk and ADR with his new bodygard Nash.
    Natalya winning the diva championship resultin in a feud wit Beth.

  • V-R-A

    So let me get this straight: Punk wins the title from Cena (1), then Rey Mysterio wins the title tourny (2), then Cena beats Rey the same night for the title (3), Punk then beats Cena at Summerslam to unify the titles (4), then Del Rio uses MITB to win the title from Punk (5). Wow…5 hand changes in less than a Month.

  • keylo

    Date: Aug 15, 2011 at 12:10 AM

    They have been talking about Rio as a champ going to Mexico the next months.. And Rey to wrestle him? New feud here.

    How is that a new feud ? when we seen them go at it on Smackdown since Del Sucko came in and on Raw to a lesser degree.

  • JDC

    They have been talking about Rio as a champ going to Mexico the next months.. And Rey to wrestle him? New feud here.. Cena can concentrate on the Rock for a while, maybe face Rio at the Rumble and enter ‘Mania as champ..

    As for Nash.. Several scenarios seems plausible.. But a scenario that contains Hunter is probably the most likely.. What about Colt Cabana? Or the return of Gallows? Tag matches could be possible.. They would have a lot of star quality for old fans, young fans and fans from the independent circuit AND you can get som power from Nash without carrying him and his f***ed up knees..

  • CM Mark

    The ending to SS was total generic garbage. Good for Del Sucko, let’s finally stick his lame ass in the spotlight for all to see how bad he is. Then maybe he’ll go back to the mid card like Mike.

    Way to screw up the only good thing going WWE. See ya in a year or two when you decide to do something original again.

  • Generic Troll

    Just cause Nash appears doesn’t mean hes with Del Rio, Stephanie attempting a screwjob is likely, the idea its to take the belt off Punk makes sense but could they not of simply had Cena beat him after HHH refused to count 3 for Punk? Theres alot more in the works if they decided to bring Nash out seeing as hes been lying dormant since the Rumble. Nash said on Twitter.. Think it was twitter? That Punks running hot and if he wanted a bodyguard he’d be happy to do it, so obviously the storyline is somewhat Punk and Nash, Cena and HHH, and Del Rio and Stephanie will slot into either of those storylines, unless Steph and Nash are one offs, like Nash was at Rumble..

    As for Cena getting a title shot tomorrow.. Are they really going to screw Rey out of his title or title shot again? Not that I support him at all but yeah that’d be a tad harsh. Del Rio should of had that briefcase match with Cena, Briefcase vs Leaving for Smackdown, Heaven knows Smackdown needs more talent, Why on earth is Drew wasting away in Superstars.. And now Christian will probs have to drop back to feuding with Rhodes.. YAY -_-

  • LVW

    Rey takes on ADR for the title on RAW tomorrow night; or possibly Punk and/or Cena join in to make it a triple threat or fatal 4way for the title.

  • Nin

    @d2k thats a pretty damn good idea.

  • Really?

    Uggghhh not again. Seriously why just for once can’t cena lose a match cleanly.

    Wrestlemania 27: Cena loses to Miz…………after interference from The Rock.

    Money in the bank: Cena loses to Punk………after Vince and the stooge end up causing a distraction.

    Summerslam: Cena loses to Punk……………but his foot is on the bottom rope.

    Even in defeat super cena cant be beat. It’s just pathetic.

  • D2K

    I guess the question to that is, where does that leave John Cena? Why was Stephanie in his locker room? Was Cena part of the ruse? I agree that there is a bigger screw job in place here and Stephanie is at the core of it.

    It could be that this was all just a plan to get CM Punk back in WWE just so that they could get the WWE title off of him. Perhaps John Cena on RAW ‘demands’ a title shot because his foot was on the ropes. He gets a title match against Del Rio. They have their match and during the match Kevin Nash comes out there again but THIS time attacks Del Rio with a Jackknife Powerbomb. Cena gets the win the and the title back and it is revealed that this has been a plan all along to get the belt off of CM Punk and back on John Cena whom is their ‘REAL’ corporate champion thus finally initiating his overdue heel turn.

  • Dave

    I don’t think Nash and Del Rio are going to be affiliated. This feels more like an angle involving Nash, Triple H, and Punk. Then Del Rio will feud with Cena, plus maybe Mysterio and the Miz.

    I like Nash, but it would figure that, as it looks like McMahon is stepping back and Triple H and Stephanie are stepping up, Nash would show up. Are Scott Hall and Sean Waltman not far behind?

  • Bill

    I kinda agree with D2K, bit I also think Steph was involved in what may be a bigger Screwjob. Let’s say this: HHH knew Cena had his foot on the ropes, but let Punk win to allow Stephanie’s hired hitman to attack Punk, then to have their corporate champion, ADR, cash in, thus “screwing” Punk big time.

  • D2K

    I don’t know if just having Kevin Nash as Del Rio’s bodyguard alone works. Kevin Nash is a former multiple-time world champion and future Hall Of Famer. Seems like a low position for him at this point.

    It would make MORE sense if Nash was brought in by Triple H as his heavy to protect his investment of Del Rio as champion as well as other interests. That would give his position a little more weight I think. Maybe Triple H feels that CM Punk is too much of a threat to the stability of WWE and he needs someone that can do dirty work for him as being the COO he cannot interject himself into altercations anymore.

  • Hitman84

    @Trixie yes Kevin did start out as HBK’s bodyguard in the WWF.

  • Trixie

    Well they threw me. Thought they were going to continue the Punk/Cena fued with the foot-on-the-rope ending; but with Del Rio in there now I have no idea.

    But if they do use Nash as a bodyguard for Del Rio as a last run in the WWE for Nash… It’ll all come full circle since he started in the WWE as Shawn Michaels bodyguard(right? I thought he did, I may be wrong).

  • beefcake

    this is sweet, as punk won super cena wont get rematch, turn the fool heel already WWE