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WWE Changing a Top PPV, More on a Recent WWE Departure, Lilian & Stacy

– Former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler recently did another photo shoot for Maxim magazine.

– Former WWE Diva Lilian Garcia has been in the studio working on pre-production for her next album.

– Regarding Donna Goldsmith, who is leaving WWE, it’s said that she was the main one pushing WWE’s PG direction.

– WWE officials are once again looking to get rid of the Survivor Series pay-per-view in November. They reportedly want another concept pay-per-view to replace the big November event, which has been a WWE tradition for years.

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  • Mel

    I agree Joe. We need “some” spice to liven things up a bit. The product has become VERY stale. The ingredients are there, but the spice is missing. LOL

  • Bazerko

    They don’t have to get rid of Survivor Series…just tweak it and re-introduce War Games.

  • Charles

    Lillian Garcia’s singing career = epic fail


    Why dont they just change over the limit, to me there isn’t really a gimmick invloved with that one for real.

  • Zach

    I got it, I got it! WWE Presents Tag Team! Only on Pay Per View!!!!

  • Joe

    Donna Goldsmith pushed the PG? Good riddance to her then. Let WWE be what it should, aimed towards an older crowd. There doesn’t need to be crotch chops, painted tits or old women giving birth to hands, just let the WWE product be less hokey and just a little more edgy. No more stopping bouts because of blood.

  • dx

    if nothing else wwe atleast keep royal rumble wrestlemania summerslam and survivor series this is just getting stupid



    im well aware of the concept of survivor series.

    theres too many ppvs named after matches and it takes away the specialness of those matches, in my opinion.

    survivor series is an institution. my argument is why not keep it as the ‘gimmick’ ppv but also put the bragging rights match in there, and leave the rest of these match types as rare special attractions for ppvs such as the great american bash, sumerslam etc.

  • scooter

    in regards to that woman I’d like to thank god allah vishnu and all other religous deites its news like that that tells you their listening

  • tommy

    Uhhh. King of the ring?

  • CC

    @ Rusty. You do realise that Survivor series is the original gimmick match PPV (ignoring the rumble, as thats a single match).
    If anything, Survivor series was the main influence behind the likes of TLC.

    TBH, I couldnt care less if they got rid of it or Summerslam as all the PPVs are the same with the exception of RR and WM.

    Survivor series and Summerslam lost their special nature years ago when WWE started doing 12+ PPVs per year.

  • LVW

    Tag Team Turmnoil- One match with 25 tag teams with the winning team becoming the tag champs.

    Or a version of the old WCW Battle Bowl and the Lethal Lottery PPV would actually be interesting to see again.


    oh god here we go:

    lets throw some cool original names around for the new november ppv.
    see if you can guess what the theme will be.

    wwe: triple threat
    wwe: 6 pack challenge
    wwe: steel cage
    wwe: buried alive
    wwe: caskets galore
    wwe: i quit
    wwe: submissions only

    and so on…………

    why do wwe insist in on getting rid of classic ppvs and replace them with pay perveiws that are named after a match type, and then overuse that match type. ruining said match type in my opinion, i used to love the prospect of getting a hell in a cell at survivor series and it being well built up and made to look dangerous, i just feel these novelty pay per veiws take away the sparkle of the matches they are named after.

    money in the bank is a prime example, its one of the best matches at mania, now we get 3 matches at least a year, thats 3 ‘shocking’ (i use the term loosely) title changes.

    bring back, fully loaded, king of the ring (the real one not this crap thats on raw), get rid of bragging rights and just put the match into survivor series, great american bash.

    and have the ppvs on a 4 week rotation, some are 2 weeks apart, you cant build tension for that and usually we are stuck expecting to pay for one ppv with the same main events as the next 2 weeks apart.

  • Dwayne

    Might as well get rid of SummerSlam as well