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More on WWE Changing Pre-shows, Goldust Talks About His Brother

– Former WWE star Dustin “Goldust” Rhodes spoke to to promote an independent wrestling appearance. Goldust talked about his brother Cody Rhodes and said his one problem is his lack of patience:

“He doesn’t see the big picture sometimes. But he’s growing. Sometimes they (WWE) get a little hot and cold with Cody. I just wish they would make up their minds.”

Dustin added that his brother is the only person left in the business that he wants to face at WrestleMania.

– We noted this weekend that WWE has plans to make the WrestleMania 29 pre-show more interactive with fan voting and other features. These changes will also go into affect for all future pay-per-view pre-shows. WWE officials feel that their YouTube pre-shows became too much of a packaged TV show so they’re looking to change it. Regarding the length of the pre-show, they will still be 30 minutes except for WrestleMania 29 where it will be one hour.

  • TOmC

    I would love to see a Dustin Rhodes (not “Golddust”) vs Cody Rhodes rivalry/grudge program – with Dusty caught in the middle. Reminds me of the classic “Bret Hart vs Owen Hart” rivalry back around Wrestlemania 10

  • 5 hours of WWE on Wrestlemania Sunday? Yes please