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WWE Considered a Major Title Change for Over the Limit, Backstage Talk on Layla

– There was a lot of talk backstage at WWE’s Over the Limit pay-per-view about the quality of the Divas Title match with Layla and Beth Phoenix. The feeling was that Layla’s performance was a sign that her knee isn’t 100%.

– WWE officials reportedly were close to putting the WWE Title on Daniel Bryan at Sunday’s Over the Limit pay-per-view.

The topic of Bryan winning the WWE Title was being discussed a lot over the past few weeks. Apparently the talks got “pretty serious” but the idea was nixed and they went with Punk retaining the title.

Source: PWInsider

  • Eve’s left nipple

    Im sorry this is off topic but i’ve never been able to take anybody else but Cena seriously with the current WWE title design. You would think that it wouldn’t really matter but in my eyes it does.

  • Jon-Jon

    The issue isn’t that Punk isn’t anti-establishment, it’s that they took the feud Punk had going with Johnny Ace and gave it to Cena instead. If Punk was still feuding with Big Johnny, then he would still have that same steam. Cena should be feuding with Bryan. That’s something that would sell tickets, for sure. The best of the independents versus the best of the big leagues. Bryan’s promos on Cena would be epic.

  • KpNuttzLol

    Hopefully Punk will lose the title to Bryan at No Way Out. I enjoy Punk’s character with his pipe bombs and controversial remarks. I do think he needs to make a “U Turn” and go back to chasing the title for a little while just to refresh his character, too much of the same can get old fast.

  • John

    I really wish wwe had stuck with that idea. At this point Bryan is much more entertaining than Punk and even though some people won’t admit it he’s a better wrestler too.

  • poko

    I wouldn’t mind Punk losing it to Bryan, then winning it back at the culmination of their feud. That would give Bryan a lot of push without costing Punk anything.

    I do agree with Spash, though. Punk isn’t what he was advertised to be when he first “came back” to the WWE. He isn’t anti-establishment at all, he’s just another face holding the belt. He hasn’t dropped a “pipe-bomb” in months. Calling Big Johnny a moron or an idiot don’t count, those are just grade-school insults. He’s a fantastic wrestler and I’m glad he holds the title, but his character is far from being any kind of rebel.

  • shawn

    not only do i think Cm Punk as a long reigning champ would convey a lot of respect to the WWE title, but a little bit for the company as well. i want it kept on him.

  • jimbo jones

    Why not have bryan win the wwe title at no way out and let him keep it til about summerslam. Have punk lose the title to DB in a cage due to interference by Big Johnny and his crew. the next night on raw, give punk his rematch and have him lose by DQ or countout so he wont actually “lose” the match. When he asks for a rematch at MIB, laurenitis says no because others have earned the opportunity before him and because he lost his match the previous week. Laurenitis does however, already have punks opponent picked for MIB and it’s Tensai. if he beats tensai, he gets a title shot. while punk faces tensai at MIB, DB has to wrestle Big Show because of him injuring john cena after their match at No way out. At the MIB ppv, DB beats Show due to interference by a returning john cena( which DB will proclaim he beat show all by himself the next night on raw) and punk goes on to make tensai tap with the anaconda vice.
    This sets up Punk and DB’s match at summerslam. we’ve seen what they can do in 30 minutes…give them an hour in an ironman match! we know brock and hhh isn’t going to take that long and by the time they finish the brock and hhh match, the audience will be bored with brock’s mma moves for 30 minutes anyway. My other part of the card would be orton vs jericho(if he’s still there) Tensai vs sheamus for the WHC,Ziggler vs Swagger for the US title(who would vickie choose?)and John Cena vs Big Show with john laurenitis and the guest referee with cena’s career on the line/if show loses laurenitis is gone. Throw in a tag title and divas title match in at the pre-show.

  • sam

    my prediction is punk will lose the belt at No Way Out to bryan, punk needs to chase the title for a while to get back that same edgy character he displayed in the run up to Money in the Bank last year

  • Tina

    Splash, you’re probably one of the few that feel that way. Punk’s highly entertaining right now, but I will agree with you on one aspect, he needs to lose the belt. I love Punk as the champ, he’s a far better carrier for this company that borefest d-bag is as a champ, so I’m glad he didn’t win. I actually would have liked Punk to have lost it to Jericho before all the alcoholic bs storyline started. Chris is a worthy opponent and it would be believable that he could beat Punk. Then they could have had Chris carry it until he wanted to leave, or at least until SummerSlam when they could have had Punk win it back.

    While I love Punk’s character and have to agree, he is funny as hell, I just don’t want to see him get stale and putting him against Senior VP of Boring just isn’t good. There’s not a person in the world that can make Big Johnny anything but the ratings killer he’s shown himself to be.

    Honestly, I think they need to just scrap the Divas title. It’s just a complete joke because the only believable one to hold it right now is Beth. Slutty Slutty last night looked like the American flag threw up on her and she called it ring gear; very disgraceful. If she was trying to go for a classy tribute, she failed miserably. Personally I think they should put the title on hiatus until Kharma’s ready to come back and then have a battle royale and the last two people left fight for the title.

  • Disgruntled Wrestling Fan

    Bryan is going to win the title at No Way Out. They have slowly teased that AJ is going to be involved and she’s going to end up screwing Punk at No Way Out.

    D-Bry fans don’t worry, he’s going to be champ in a few weeks.

  • BlaH

    WZ has learned tonight that with the announcement of Impact Wrestling going live this summer, TNA will be adhering very strictly to PG-13 guidelines where its television programming is concerned.

    Sources have added that TNA will make a more deliberate attempt to mirror WWE in this regard.

  • sammy622

    Ummm no…. If punk is gonna lose the title, has to be someone better than bryan
    The guy is 6 inches too tall for midget wrestling
    Gimmie a break

  • Splash

    They should’ve switched it up. Last year I was looking forward to seeing Punk come out to see what he’d say and do, and now he’s lost all of that momentum. Too bad as they had a good thing going.

  • TheSheepDog

    good! i hope punk never looses it! his character right now is entertaining as hell, loving all of his pipe bombs and ever increasingly controversial behaviour, leagues above cenas storylines, really hope it stays like this