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WWE considering London as a host city for WrestleMania, Goldust on Superstar Ink (Video)

WWE considering London as a host city for WrestleMania

The Independent posted an article recently about WWE considering bringing their biggest event of the year to London. A survey was sent out this week to fans that attended WrestleMania 33 in Orlando. The survey asked fans about their interest in future venues. The selections on the survey included New York City, Toronto, London and other cities.

As noted in the article, the last major WWE PPVĀ held in England was SummerSlam in 1992. The event was held in Wembley Stadium in front of 80,000 fans. In the main-event, the British Bulldog defeated his brother-in-law Bret Hart to capture the Intercontinental Championship.

Goldust on new episode of Superstar Ink

WWE has uploaded a new episode of Superstar Ink. In the episode, Goldust gets a tattoo to honor his father, Dusty Rhodes.

  • TheFizPop

    LOL avoiding spoilers!!!!! Don’t even need spoilers anymore, products predictability has rendered spoilers obsolete.

  • MrDr3w

    Really? Hmm. I’ve never heard of any piracy cases with the WWE. Maybe before my time.

    Ten bucks for a totally free, totally safe, totally legitimate, on-demand, no download necessary stream sounds like a much better deal than paying whatever it costs to download (I stay away from torrent sites, so I have no clue what it costs, if anything), waiting an hour to download the event, dealing with buffering, and all that. Not to mention, torrents are only accessible on a PC or android device. So if you don’t own a PC, or only have Apple devices, you’re screwed, unless you want to download a third-party app and jump through a bunch of hoops to perform your illegal activity.

    The “spectacle” is included in the quality of a match. I want to actually SEE how Hulk Hogan looks against The Rock. It means nothing to me knowing that Hulk Hogan slammed Andre in the Silverdome. I want to actually SEE him doing it. I want to witness the chemistry between the athletes in the ring. I want to hear the reaction of the crowd. You don’t get that in a written report.

    For some TRUE wrestling fans, Wrestlemania is sacred and a huge deal, so some people will make the extra effort to stay away from spoilers until they can watch the show. If you look online for spoilers, or come across them “by accident,” and it gets ruined for you, then that’s on you for being reckless.

    “Ask yourself a question. Would that match had been AS big if everyone at the Silverdome knew Andre had been defeated several times already and slammed over a dozen times already including three times by Hogan alone?” Yes. Just like how Undertaker still got top billing after the streak was broken and he became just another old guy who had been wrestling way too long and whose body was broken down so much that it became sad and depressing to watch him wrestle. Just like how the culmination to every feud at Wrestlemania is huge, even when they’ve had that same match in different forms, countless times at house shows and on the weekly shows leading up to the event.

    And do you know why? Because it’s Wrestlemania! People will still watch with the same level of excitement and intensity. Because it’s Wrestlemania.

  • D2K

    Now the Network IS available and it is a revenue stream that they highly depend-on. WWE SEVERELY cracks down on piracy by the way. Outside of any match involving AJ Styles, the “quality” of wrestling matches at Wrestlemania has gone done. Wrestlemania has never been about match quality.

    Wrestlemania is about spectacle.

    Hogan/Mr.T vs. Piper/Orton,
    Hogan vs. Andre
    Hogan vs. Warrior
    Savage vs. Warrior
    Savage vs. Flair
    Austin vs. HBK
    Rock vs Hogan I
    Rock vs. Cena I and II

    These matches certainly did not have the best “quality” in terms of work-rate, yet when people mention those individual Wrestlemania’s those are the first matches to pop in their minds. 93,173 people didn’t come to the Pontiac Silverdome to necessarily see Savage vs. Steamboat (I’m sure some people had it at the top of their list.)

    They came to see the “spectacle” of the irresistible force being the 3-year long WWF World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan vs. his former mentor and best friend, 15-years undefeated and never been slammed Andre The Giant.

    Ask yourself a question. Would that match had been AS big if everyone at the Silverdome knew Andre had been defeated several times already and slammed over a dozen times already including three times by Hogan alone? I don’t think so.

    Sometimes you get the rare blessing of a five-star match at Wrestling such as….

    Savage vs. Steamboat
    HBK vs. Razor
    HBK vs. Bret
    Austin vs. Bret
    Angle vs. (unnamed opponent)
    Angle vs. Lesnar
    HBK vs. Y2J
    HBK vs. Angle
    HBK vs. Taker I and II

    Only a few of those matches you knew going in would be good. Still no one could determine HOW good. For instance no one knew HBK vs. Taker I would be AS good as it was.

    So the point is that taping a Wrestlemania in advance destroys the very foundation upon which it was built. Pageantry and spectacle. Wrestlemania is about surprises and water-shed moments. Those need to be experienced LIVE. Although I knew that the Hardys were more than likely gonna show up at this year’s Mania, you didn’t know for sure that WWE would pull that trigger. The anticipation of the possibly was almost as over as the entrance itself. As soon as the New Day’s music hit EVERYONE knew what was up. They expertly played up to what they knew the fans were thinking. So when the Hardys music hit, it was mark-out overdrive.

    However if some dufus recorded this and posted it online before to aired to us would it have been near as exciting? No.

    So IMO, Wrestlemania needs to be live. I’ve explained why in detail so I don’t need to say anything else. This is my opinion, nothing more.

  • MrDr3w

    I think people would still watch, even if the results got out beforehand. I mean, it’s Wrestlemania! People watch for the overall quality of the matches, not just the end result. You don’t wait all year for a book to come out, read the last chapter, and say “okay, I got the gist of it.”

    Piracy, I don’t think WWE cares about. People recorded their PPVs before the network was available, and I’m sure a handful of people are still doing it now. But WWE doesn’t do anything about it. It’s not worth their time or effort.

  • D2K

    If it was that simple they would have done it years ago. Wrestlemania is far different from any other show. You cannot afford to have results leaked online from the show before hand. With a RAW or Smackdown episodes it’s not big deal. Too much money invested in Wrestlemania. Plus, you’d have to deal with piracy too.

    The reason why SummerSlam worked in London is because no one had a clue that it was pre-taped.

  • M

    As long as it isn’t anywhere near the southeast states, I’m up for it.

  • MrDr3w

    They’d just tape it and air it at regular time in the states. Not hard to do. It just wouldn’t be live.

  • D2K

    People have suggested having PPVs overseas for years. As interesting as it would be, because of the time difference it would be hard to do. For instance. if Wrestlemania was to start at 6:00PM GMT+1 (London time) that means it would start 1:00PM EST, 12:00NOON CST, 11:AM MT, 10:00AM PST here in the USA.

    I personally wouldn’t have a problem with it. We watch football around the same times on Sundays, so why not a Wrestlemania?