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WWE Covers Up The Undertaker’s Head For Cover Of New WWE Magazine

WWE has released four different “WrestleMania” covers for the March 2012 issue of WWE Magazine, featuring The Undertaker, Triple H, John Cena and The Rock.

The magazine indicates that Triple H will face The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVIII. The headline for “The Game” cover says “Can The Game End The Deadman’s Reign?” while the headline for the issue bearing The Undertaker reads “Will “The Streak” Survive?”

The Undertaker cover was apparently designed to conceal his lack of hair as his head is surrounded by photoshopped fire, with no hair visible. Many people have speculated that the iconic wrestler donned a wig in his return to television last week after a photograph surfaced online last summer in which he appeared bald. The Wrestling Observer subsequently reported that The Undertaker had indeed shaved his head.

  • sam

    it makes sense now i, i was looking at his hair throughout his entrance thinking there was something different about it

  • The house

    Has anyone considered that this may be part of the angle. Maybe triple h exposes him as a fraud…that he isnt the dead man anymore…that he doesnt even have hair under that hat…i mean come on I think the wwe and more over…the undertaker himself are smarter than that….lets just see how it all plays out and what he looks like at mania

  • Edo. Risk

    I say go bold, with a crazy zombie makeup look!

  • the_electrifying_one

    has nobody thought he may have extensions put in???

  • DiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiVaaaaaaaaaaaS

    Just sew a wig in his head and get over it, You can do it for like $30 in Africa… just saying!~

  • Devil_Rising

    As “The Deadman”, yes, he does need the hair. Sorry. It’s just part of the gig. Why do you think he (gradually) grew it back when he returned to his real gimmick? And why do think he’s maintained the long hair since? Shaving his head, knowing full well he’d be coming back for at LEAST one more match, in my mind, was pretty silly on his part.

    And that is by no means disrespect for Taker. He is and always will be my fav. wrestler of all time, he’s the reason I got into wrestling at all as a kid. His character and his presence and presentation had me hooked, and I got into the rest of the product from there.

    Hopefully he can at least grow it back out to like ear length. It would look kinda odd at this point, but better than a BALD Undertaker.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    If Taker did shave his head last summer, maybe he had hair restoration. He wasn’t “balding”, but did have a receding hairline. It wasn’t thinning on top and back like Shawn Michaels’ hair, just receding a bit. For hair restoration surgery, they shave your head. Chavo’s had it done, his father too, Tommy Dreamer, Jimmy Hart, and Larry Zbyszko did too. Remember Raven shaving him bald in TNA? That’s why. So Taker still having his hair, probably felt now or never… do the surgery or go bald. THAT could be why he shaved it. And that was last summer, so by the time April 1st rolls around, he’ll have hair. Human hair grows 6 inches a year, so by ‘Mania, it could look how it did at WrestleMania XX. Not long, but not too short either. I hope so anyway, I never liked The American Badass gimmick, sorry. Always loved Deadman, I prefer it. And bald Taker would just look weird. Whatever he looks like come ‘Mania, I still hope he goes 20-0, then call it a day. Love the guy, but he’d be better suited to retire with a nice record at ‘Mania, and not risk any more injuries. Don’t end up like Hogan and Flair. I think Taker has more dignity than that.

  • r truth

    talk about a hiar vs wwresler match lol

  • Venoms Little Jimmie

    WTF he say nigga?
    Gimme some of what Jackson is smoking!

  • jackson

    Mr. McMahon will return to tell Undertaker’s hair that it better grow or it’s fired. Triple H will make an Undertaker’s hair vs. Mr. McMahon’s newly resurrected career match. Undertaker’s hair will pin McMahon clean, become the new Board of Directors, and will subsequently fire HHH. Bald Undertaker will then have a threesome with Michelle McCool and Stephanie McMahon. Natalia will be jealous and fart in disgust.

  • kamala’s foot

    People complained when Undertaker was american badass, and now they want to see it again. It’s like Cena being taken off tv and people complaining they miss him.

  • Prince

    Taker was clearly balding, which is likely why he just shaved his head. Usually when people who are going bald shave their heads it never completely grows back in. That’s probably the case with him. Not sure he’ll ever be able to grow it back looking like it was. I’m guessing it’s still pretty short right now.

  • venom

    If they are making a big deal out of this then maybe he shouldn’t have shaved his head. Maybe he will go back to the american badass, because him getting carried out in a strecher is showing he is human again. lol.

  • evetorres_chin

    id rather see wade berret vs taker in a bare knuckle fight

  • dx

    not that either of them are healthy enough to put on the kind of match we would want to see but id much rather see undertaker vs mick foley at mania kinda fitting for all the classic moments we have involving them too yet never at mania

  • Prince

    Taker should just say screw it, I’m showing I mean business and kicking some ass as the badass again. Come out on the bike next time, and choke out HHH with the chain.

  • El Dandy

    That’s why HBK is going to be on Raw… to do a DX prank and glue Undertaker’s hat to his head 🙂

  • Kakarotto

    If the hair is a big deal they can pull off some storyline where HHH turns heel attacks Taker and hits him in the face with a sledgehammer after he accepts the challenge. Then they can have Taker in a wig held together by the grey mask he wore back in the 90’s
    To justify the lack of hair they can turn HHH heel and make him attack Undertaker and chop his hair (part of wig) off just to show off that he has an upper-hand on Taker going into the match. I’ve always believed a Face vs Heel draws more people than a Face vs Face match.

  • billy Gunn

    They will cut his hair which will make him weak in his match

  • Myers

    Speculate nothing. That was a mutha f’n wig.

  • CC

    My guess would be that some time between now and WM, there will be some kind of storyline where Taker shaves his hair off to prove something, or gets it set on fire etc
    I really cannot see anyway he can wrestle with a wig, without it being strapped on in an obvious manner.

  • Buttercastle

    Yeah…….. All this hype for Taker and they forgot that his image can’t be photoshopped for the actual match.

  • You can get 55 dislikes^

  • Austin316

    its my birthday can i get 55 likes for my comment since im 55

  • Prince

    Because honestly, how’s it gonna work once he actually has to wrestle? He just all of a sudden doesn’t have long hair? They might as well have had him come back with short hair to begin with. Kane can pull it off because of the mask. Taker can’t wrestle with a hat on.

  • Prince

    He should’ve just come back as the American badass if he didn’t want long hair.

  • wweisnotsosmart

    he cant wrestle with a hat on and he is expected grow it back by april 1st? he really doesnt need the hair.