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WWE Creates New Major Positions, Backstage News on AJ Lee’s Future

– WWE has created two new major positions – a Social Media producer and a Live Events analyst. The Social Media producer would be responsible for voting, polling, texts and tweets on WWE’s TV show as well as at live events. The producer will work with the TV production team, creative, the web team and the live events team.

WWE is looking for the Live Events analyst to creative metrics to measure the success of live events beyond ticket sales. They want the person to create models and formulas to be able to predict attendance at live events and come up with ways to maximize revenue at those shows including pricing strategies for each city.

– The plan right now is to make AJ Lee one of the featured stars of the company – as a completely different but modern day version of a Sable or Miss Elizabeth.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Devil_Rising

    SABLE? Please. Miss Elizabeth, sure. Except she wasn’t a crazy bitch.

    So don’t you mean Sherri Martel?

  • King Albert

    She won’t last long, give her to end of the year. then will be like any other shitty diva.

  • Hes got a bicycle

    AJ has aids now. She used to date a black man.

  • Stevie P

    The difference between Elizabeth and even Sable versus AJ is that she can actually wrestle. Plus, she can play a character very well. I’m not surprised they’re pushing her the way they are. Give her the Divas title at some point too cause Layla sure isn’t doing anything with it. I think WWE saw a rising star and ran with it. I hope they keep her up there.

  • chronoxiong

    Great news for AJ. She caught my eye when I first saw her making regular appearances on Smackdown after NXT.

  • Jimbo

    Good move on AJ, WWE.

  • Will Henderson

    she clearly deserves to the be the Female face of the company, she unlike Kelly, busted her ass in the indys then FCW to get to where she is today as the crazy chick. i bet her current push is a Stephanie/Hunter decision with Vince’s approval.

  • Once You Go Bryan, There’s No Point in Tryin’

    Put her back with Bryan and let him have a nice 60-90 day run with the title.

  • Paton

    brilliant, she is brilliant, how often does RAW end with a woman being the final shot?


    Good for AJ she has being knocking it out cause that chick plays crazy very well