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WWE Creative News, WWE Bringing Back GM Storyline?, Miz

– Maryse and The Miz were out with friends celebrating his 32nd birthday last night. He was presented with this one-of-a-kind cake:

the miz birthday cake

– We’ve noted that Eric Pankowski is now pretty much running WWE creative. Pankowski is a Triple H hire and has impressed the McMahon family since being hired in February. Pankowski has a reputation of being all business and that he’s looking at WWE’s shows for what’s going to be the best for the business.

– After dropping the idea a week ago, WWE may be bringing back the storyline where AJ Lee and Booker T are replaced by a to-be-named General Manager that will be appointed by Vince McMahon. We should know if they’re going to go ahead with it after next week’s tapings.

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  • Shay R.

    Oh goodie! More recycled storylines! 😀

  • paul s

    A mahon would be best, lets just hope he doesn’t give it to Linda after her ass loses!

  • john

    vince becomes gm of both shows!

  • Shawn O B

    looks like Elvis with a faux-hawk. bet the Miz enjoyed eating the hairdo.

  • Stevie P

    Bahaha look at the pic. Awesome is spelled wrong.

  • gtsrko

    Why does the Miz’s birthday cake have boobs?

  • sam

    i have actually quite liked AJ being the GM of RAW, for two reasons, she can speak on a mic and do a good job, and secondly which i think is key, she is getting over with the fans she now gets a great reaction for a diva

  • adam

    Let aj stay as raw gm and bring in edge or foley for smackdown

  • Haha

    Gm should be mick foley or William regal

  • KingAlbert

    Please let the GM be Steph.
    hope the writing gets better now.

  • Hasan

    Make up your mind with that “GM storyline” dammit!