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Possible WWE Creative Plans Discussed for Ric Flair

According to sources in WWE, the creative team is currently discussing different on-air roles for Ric Flair. The most popular option has been using Flair as a manager for Dolph Ziggler. Mason Ryan has been acting as Ziggler’s body guard at recent live events and will begin accompanying Ziggler to the ring on television soon in the event that Flair’s negotiations fall through.

WWE plans to negotiate a legends contract and possibly a talent contract for the 16-time World champion. It’s worth noting that people in WWE are concerned with Flair’s advanced age as well as his tendency to break from the script and go into business for himself.

While it appears likely that Flair will be back in WWE in the coming months, nothing has been signed yet and TNA’s recent lawsuit against WWE could pose issues for Flair jumping ship.

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    I would love to see flair, ziggler, ryan and drew mcintyre form evolution 2.0
    Looks as though Orton is on his way out so they need to make some big moves FAST to create more main eventers.
    IMO, it doesnt fit into long term plans to bring back stars from the past to take all the spotlight, aka lesnar and rock.
    It is great to see the former stars once in a while, but the wwe needs to build some big stars.
    I think a lot of stars have the potential. Cody Rhodes, Ziggler, hell even Ted Dibiase all have the look and the talent to carry the wwe for years to come. Add in Ryback and the newer FCW stars that are now making their way in and we have a great roster again.

  • Chris

    Gunner is a damn good talent and alround worker. He is just as good as dolph. Both talents are good

    Chris Beniot at one time called Gunner the next Beniot.

  • Mordecai

    Not a bad idea to have Flair manage Ziggler. Hell, bring in Billy Gunn to feud with Ziggler as well. That could probably put Ziggler way over.

  • Irish Bulldog

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo!!!! stylin and profilin

  • ant

    i actually liked when ric flair was managing aj styles so him managing dolph could work

  • This Guy

    wwwooooooooooooooooo…………….that is all

  • Little Jimmy

    Well the choice is simple for Slick Ric.

    Who would he want to manage Dolph Ziggler?(The Future Of Wrestling) or Gunner?(A guy so boring and plain he makes Mike Knox look like The Rock)

  • scooter

    so basically what TNA tried to do with him but actually putting him with the right guys?

  • rko

    Personally, i’d rather see flair manage Drew Mac. Whatever happened to the young triple h chosen by Vince? He’s not much for words, but with a guy like flair, he’ll get over. Not to mention he has a badass finishing move.

  • Ryan

    @SYM or pushing him as the new mr perfect as originally planned?

  • SYM

    I like that Idea have Flair manage Ziggler and have Ryan as his Bodyguard the same time. Its kinda like a New Evolution stable with 3 people instead.