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WWE Creative Team News, Tyson Kidd Cuts His Hair, Tonight’s FCW Show

– Kofi Kingston will be signing autographs with Bill DeMott, Andy Leavine and other FCW stars at tonight’s FCW Summer Slamarama event in Orlando, Florida at the Orlando Armory. There will also be 8 matches, a Fan Fest and a RAW vs. SmackDown match with Drew McIntyre taking on Justin Gabriel.

– Tyson Kidd debuted a new haircut on last night’s WWE NXT as he has cut off what little bit of hair he had on his head. Regarding the cut, Kidd wrote the following on Twitter: “Getting a lot of ?’s concerning the hair….a wise man once said “enough is enough and it’s time for a change!””

– The WWE creative team is said to be burnt out right now, after the recent string of three-hour RAW shows, the Capitol Punishment pay-per-view and the upcoming Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

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  • The Killswitch

    Randy is doing the same thing as Cena right now. He pulls wins out of nowhere, and almost never loses clean.

  • Elizabeth

    They need to give Drew a bigger push,he hasnt been on tv in forever,Randy is the best champ theyve had in a long time,dont ruin a good thing by giving the title ti Christian.

  • phoenix

    I agree With Stevie they need to do a PPV every other month and drop the “in your house” ppv’s. Also why can’t they put some story lines on tag teams there is only a few and WWE has made it so petty that people don’t even care who the champs are. While where at it they could do some stuff with some of the people they don’t want to push i.e. Christian and Ryder.

  • Stevie P

    They need to get rid of all PPV’s except maybe 5 or 6. That way they don’t need many storylines and don’t need to keep writing new ones every month.

  • Psychomiklos

    If Cena is such a hard worker and a nice guy maybe they should do what they do with Kane and keep him out of main story lines for a bit and let him heal…

  • Psychomiklos

    WWE keeps rebranding… taking wrestling out of WWE, maybe they should rebrand the creative team… Maybe the “Not Very Creative Team” why dont they come up with a new match type… Musical chairs would be a good one… Allowance to use chairs when some music plays…

  • CC

    @Generic Troll. Two womens titles and two tag titles was a joke.
    WWE/F got more tag teams over in its glory days when it had one title, than it ever did when it had two. Same goes for the Heavyweight title as well. There is a reason things were better in the late 90s, and thats because the titles meant something.
    As for the womens/divas title. The division is way too small to have two titles, even though there are probably more women in the division than there has ever been in the history of WWE.

    All they need to do to make the tag titles work is to build some decent teams without splitting them at a moments notice, and actually give us a proper tag division.
    What is the point of having more than one tag title when you only have one or two genuine tag teams?

  • simon07

    @Generic Troll, i thought the same thing about bringing back the single brand PPV’s. It could mean that they could build up a tag division again and have a team from Smackdown could challenge at a smackdown ppv and visa versa.

    It would also mean that they could develop more in depth feuds instead of throwing together rematches at PPV’s every 4 weeks. (I’d be more willing to pay for a PPV that has been built up for the one match at a PPV instead of watching the same two people going against each other for multiple PPV’s in a row.) And there could be more focus on mid and lower card talent/feuds.

    Plus it would mean that they could keep the same amount of PPV’s which means WWE would still bring in the $$$.

  • Generic Troll

    @Elizabeth least their matches are better than any of the other mid cards they got main eventing due to lack of smackdown talent..

    @BrandonE the whole bringing the two brands together is a bad idea, i agree with you there isn’t any build up, why not go back to ppv’s being for only one brand, and then bragging rights and ppv’s where theres smackdown vs raw, would actually be worth watching. that and it gives a chance to break the tag and diva titles up again instead of this unified bs so more talent can go for titles and get pushes..

  • Stumpy

    @BrandonE: What? And have the big E take a chance of losing the money they pilfer from the “universe” with their subpar ppv’s every month? Ain’t never gonna happen…

  • Justin

    I’m sure it takes A LOT of creativity to put down “Cena Wins” at the end of every script.

  • Justin

    They’ve been sucking for years. No excuse for their shite writing.

  • venom

    Sounds like creative team wouldn’t pass the wellness policy because they are burned out. lol. How hard is it to pick a name out of a hat for Cena and Orton to destroy?

  • BrandonE

    I wish they would quit having PPV’s every month and start doing them every other month. There is no true build up to any matches. Plus the next night on Raw there is always rematches from the night before. Bring back Saturday Nights Main Event and other things like that!

  • Elizabeth

    I guess thats why Randy is fighting Christian at the next ppv,AGAIN

  • Generic Troll

    who woulda thought reusing storylines would wear you out, i mean the ppv on the weekend was even worse than over the limit! both ppvs had some highlight matches namely christian punk etc, but wow.. i hate to think how badly they’ll botch one of the better ppv’s of the year.. still think MITB should of been at mania too. why don’t they do a feast or fired event for punk instead like tna, its not like tna does it anymore but it was always entertaining, title shots or be fired was a good way to clear talent and push others.

    as for t.kidd that hair was what was holding him back.. can’t take someone with literally just a fringe seriously.. now creative need to stop messing around with stupid storylines and get him mcintyre masters (as heel) and z.ryder onto smackdown and give that sorry show who lost out in the draft something for us to watch.. WWWYKI

  • Seth

    Burned out from what? Was it the string of crappy storylines the last year plus? Or was it all the effort they put in burying Ryder? WWWYNI

  • Stumpy

    They are just now getting burned out? I thought they had been for a few years now given the crap they’ve been putting out there. If they are just now getting burned out, I’d hate to see what is going to come out now?

  • Dave

    That’s worrying.
    I didn’t think it could get much worse. Now it sounds like it might.

  • me

    reative are burnt out from what exactly? lol

    oh and, its about time kidd cut that stupid thing off his head, shame his career isn’t going anywhere so no one will care

  • Bill

    Alright! Owen Hart reference! By the way, I guess this whole “burnt out” thing explains the crapiness of the last few weeks of WWE.