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– The Wrestling Observer reported this week that morale is low among members of WWE’s creative team after many of the were not invited to the annual post-WrestleMania party Sunday night in Miami, Florida. Former creative writer Christopher DeJoseph (a/k/a Big Dick Johnson) appeared on the Pro Wrestling Torch Livecast on Thursday (audio available here) and said he has heard from current staff members upset with the snub. He said they felt disrespected since they were a big part of putting WrestleMania XXVIII together.

— WWEShop.com has released the T-Shirt Brock Lesnar wore in his Raw return.

— Jim Ross praised Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole’s broadcasting efforts at WrestleMania XXVIII. He wrote on Twitter, “I thought King and Cole did a heck of a job at WM28….4 hour, live show w/ immense pressure to do one’s best.”

  • sam

    @Jason 2.0 did anyone tell you nobody gives a shit about TNA here? No? Well take not!

  • Jason 2.0

    We are in contract negotiations with Masters. Punk signed a two year deal and will be in IMPACT in 2013.

  • kitkrock

    I agree with this:

    “Brick Lesnar sucks & is overrated.
    Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit MADE him look good back in the ole days.

    Plus, he sold out on the fans.”

  • SYM

    @Jason 2.0 is secretly J-TV Wrestler VIP

  • Anon


    Chris Masters huh? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that’ll help!

    I mean….. hahahaha.. sorry, sorry.. hahahahahahahaha… sorry, I’m done now! Wow, that was great!

    And good luck on C.M Punk, since he’s in the midst of the longest WWE Title run for a face since HHH in 2008…

  • Jason 2.0

    TNA is on the rise. We hope to sign Chris Masters and hope CM Punk comes back to TNA soon. Remember watch Impact at 9 on SPIKE.

  • JohnCena33

    @kamala’s foot
    thanks for sticking up for me. I would by your shirt.

  • SYM


  • nnac


    comments and commas may help

  • SYM

    YES! Kamala’s Foot said MY NAME! YAAAAAAAAAS!

  • sam

    its got to a point when i really don’t take in what @heyfit or @johncena33 say anymore, i don’t think anyone should

  • Mr. E


    Please kill yourself.

    Thank you.

  • b c Mitchell

    I agree with gorilla. I think. I can’t really follow the train of thought but I think I agree

  • Anon

    @Jason: I doubt it, but just to amuse you, I’ll pretend you’re right.

    70,000 buys, which is a whole 15,000 buys better than WWE’s WORST PPV BUYRATE EVER..

    That’s much better…

  • Gorilla

    This show this world pro wrestling sports entertainment the thing we love the thing we hear at wrestling edge log on and voice our opinion no matter the post we all are connected because the live we have for it the show that the likes of taker andre the giant hbk savage and many more have given up everything to perform on its stage and then you got lesnar saying he hates it its fake its pointless but when he gets his ass kicked he comes back and we supposed to forgive him and take him as a threat he got tko in his last few fights anyway brock your a two face and your mirror in your bathroom will remind you of it every morning and taker won’t give you streak you left him high and dry couple years ago karma sucks and vince will get last laugh this time :)

  • heyfit

    Brick Lesnar sucks & is overrated.
    Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit MADE him look good back in the ole days.

    Plus, he sold out on the fans.

  • Jason 2.0

    Yeah that 7000 buys were off. We actually got 70000 buys. We were hoping for 100000 but we missed our mark. Dont forget to watch lockdown, the best ppv in april.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(


  • Anon

    Wait, Impact is still on? I thought after that pathetic 7,000 buy PPV, people were finally catching on to how pointless TNA is..

  • Jason 2.0

    Hey guys, I’m back. Dont forget to watch Impact thursdays at 9 on SPIKE

  • JohnCena33

    Oh good, new Brock Lesnar shirts. Look like I’ll be replacing the I BRING SHIRTS to the BROCK LESNAR SHIRTS to wipe my ass.

  • SYM

    Darn I’m the first Comment guess I gotta wait a Few hours then comeback & hear what Kamala’s foot has to say.

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