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Former WWE Creative Writers Recall Infamous Katie Vick Storyline – Inside Details

Former WWE creative members Seth Mates (@sethmates) and Chris Gough (@kcmetropro) appeared on The LAW’s ‘Review a Wai’ podcast to chat about the infamous Katie Vick angle that took place on the October 21, 2002 episode of Raw. On the program, a vignette was shown of Triple H, dressed as Kane, simulating mock sex with a mannequin in a casket. Excerpts from the interview are as follows:

The genesis of the Katie Vick storyline: “At this point, (Vince) wanted to start having a lot more backstories to wrestlers. He didn’t want it just to be like, ‘Oh, I wanna beat you up. You stole my girlfriend, let’s have a match.’ He wanted it to be more like, ‘I wanna know who every character is.’ Their backgrounds, and a lot of that. You’ve seen through the years of wrestling, he’s gone up and down with this kinda stuff.

“It was just a matter of, ‘We want to know more about Kane. We know about Paul Bearer and the burning angle, and the Undertaker scenario, but we don’t really know much more about him. So let’s spend the last ten minutes of this conference call discussing Kane’s background and coming up with a way to bring Kane back,’ because he had torn his bicep, and he was coming back to TV. It started off with us pitching ideas about how to bring Kane back.”

Vince McMahon’s pitch: “At the end of the call, Vince basically made the call to say, ‘Why don’t we make Kane…why don’t we say he’s a murderer, and he’s murdered somebody in his past?’ It sort of formulated into what you saw. This was Vince’s seed.

The funeral home shoot: “The necrophilia thing had only really begun in that vignette. That vignette was done by Stephanie (McMahon), Vince, and Bruce (Pritchard), and I believe it was mostly Stephanie; Stephanie Triple H, and Vince were the ones behind that. This wasn’t discussed; Triple H was involved the whole time, so no one had to explain it to him. He was obviously almost part of the family at the point, he knew everything that was going on. Kane, on the other hand, he was getting a little bored with his direction. He had the big start in ’97, and it ran its course. He wanted to change it up a little bit, so they decided they were gonna push him to go for a title run eventually, for the World Heavyweight Championship against Triple H in October. It was a situation where he knew it was going to be a big push, he’s taking on Triple H.

“The angle was basically, ‘There’s a backstory here where he’s gonna start picking on you for your girlfriend dying, and that he’s gonna start acting like you killed her, and he’s gonna start playing more emotional mind games with Kane.’ That was the pitch, with Triple H and Kane. There was no, like, ‘Hey, by the way, he’s gonna say that you banged your ex-girlfriend when she was, uh, dead.’ That was never even talked about until the vignette aired, and it really wasn’t talked about after that again. That wasn’t an idea by a writer, that wasn’t pitched to anybody. That was the vignette that was of the sick minds of the McMahon family that was taped in the funeral home that night.”

The full audio show is available here.

  • Hes got a bicycle

    I want HHH to die.
    I hope Brock kills him for real at summerslam.

  • john

    when story lines were awesome!! unlike now just plain bland

  • miz is awesome

    Pg sux everyone knows that

  • TheSheepDog

    @Shawn, many would argue that going PG is the worst thing

  • Shawn

    This is probably the worst thing ever to happen on WWE TV.

  • Devil_Rising

    Of course he was. So was RVD. So was Booker T. But HHH had to glorify himself at the expense of others, to the point of going over clean against Booker at WM19, even though he was supposed to be this datardly heel. All it did was make him look strong, and Booker weak. Booker had been on a huge tear, and was super-popular with the fans. It was his time to have a baby-face World Title run. And they ruined it. Booker T’s main event run literally died after WM, and he never got it back until the “King Booker” run, years later.

    It was the same with RVD and Kane. Both of them were super-over when they feuded with HHH, and he beat them, cheating or not, and held onto that stupid belt. In fact, he took a page right out of “Nache’s” book, and kept losing it to people who didn’t need it, like HBK and Goldberg, and then giving it back to himself, til eventually he became the “13 time World Champion” he is now. Not so ironically enough, same shit happened back in WCW with Ric Flair.

    Point being, it’s easy to be a huge star when you’re running the place and booking the matches. Just ask Verne Gagne.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Damn, that really sucks for Kane. I didn’t know he was due to win the title.

  • poko

    rock fucking sucks!! stupid sell out prick!

  • Loser

    He’s not your ‘cuz’

  • Rikishi

    As my cuz would say @Vince “What in the blue hell is the matter with you, you sick FFFFFFFFFreak!”