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WWE Crew Arrives In Belfast, Dolph Ziggler Hits Win-Loss Milestone, WWE’s Komen Merchandise

– WWE’s Susan G. Komen-inspired merchandise will be available at WWE’s Shop website through the end of this year.

– According to, which has been keeping track of wrestlers’ records since 2006, Dolph Ziggler’s win over Curtis Axel on the November 4th RAW was his 100th televised singles victory. Dolph is the first wrestler to reach triple digits in both wins and losses.

– One WWE crew arrived in Belfast this morning and will hold a live event there this evening at the Odyssey Arena. We are seeking reports from fans in attendance. The other WWE crew will work a live event in Columbia, South Carolina tonight before heading overseas.

  • millerj265

    A little bit of both would probably be the most accurate way to represent what this milestone means lol

  • Roy Bledsoe

    He’s just gotta continue to eat crow until they feel ready for him to be pushed again. I enjoy Ziggler but that concussion he suffered after winning the WHC just killed any momentum he had

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I don’t know whether to be proud or to cry for Dolph lol