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– WWE has apparently removed an offensive lyric from an entrance theme which trivializes the degenerative disorder Parkinson’s disease.

The entrance theme for The Prime Time Players—Darren Young and Titus O’Neil—”Move (Get It In)” by Woo Child features the lyric: “Okay I get it shaking like Parkinson’s… I’m the one.. Break it down down til the party’s done.” It would appear that WWE has cut out the mention of Parkinson’s from the song’s lyrics as it was inaudible during Young and O’Neil’s appearances on Monday’s Raw SuperShow and last week’s WWE Superstars.

– Numerous mentions of Chris Benoit were removed from a 14-year-old Fit Finlay versus Psychosis match that aired on the most recent episode of WWE Vintage Collection. Finlay was involved in a program with the late Chris Benoit when the match occurred on the June 4, 1998 episode of WCW Thunder and as standard WWE protocol, all mentions of Benoit from the commentators were removed. During the bout, Finlay had Psychosis placed in a chinlock and began screaming, “Benoit, I’m coming for ya.” Not only did WWE make his remark inaudible, but Finlay’s mouth was digitized so viewers couldn’t lip read what he said.

(source: F4WOnline.com)

  • Buttercastle

    How can he be racist towards Canadians when Edge and Jericho are some of the biggest names in WWE history?

  • Hes got a bicycle

    Chris Benoit is awesome.
    Vince won’t put him in the HOF because Vince is racist (Benoit is Canadian)

  • scooter

    Anal cunt for raw theme!

  • No Name Required

    I think it should be thunderstruck.

  • Little Jimmy

    Personally I think The new Raw theme should be the very PG “Get Low” by Lil Jon.

  • Mojojojo

    Seriously, wtf. Why even air the match at all?

  • CC

    @Mike, he didnt make fun of Bells palsy, he did an impression of someone who just happens to have Bells … you cant do an impression of JR without doing the sloped mouth, just as you cant do an impression of Stallone without his sloped mouth or Eastwood without his scowl .. its how impressions work.
    The lyric in the song though is done in an offensive way.

  • Elizabeth

    I didn’t even notice because I don’t like Titus or Young they suck!

  • mike

    so vince mcmahon can blatantly make fun of jr’s bells palsy on raw but a lyric in a song that im sure no one noticed is edited out…im confused??

  • Robinson

    The said the match was 14 years old

  • Logan

    Finlay is 14yr in that match!? Damn dude!

  • SYM

    Shit they edited Rey Mysterio’s theme in a WWE game and he didn’t even use any offensive words.

  • jeff

    Wtf wwe went from pg14 to PG. Are they going to go PG to G? And no hitting just standing around cutting jokes? Cus I think the jokes are better than the wrestling

  • scooter

    Nickelbacks existence offends me so what we gonna do about the raw theme?

  • Rod Moore

    This censor stuff is getting way out of hand why don’t wwe put raw and smackdown on the cartoon network and give it a g rating I’m so sick of this pg rating

  • nikki

    the whole benoit thing on wwes part is stupid..Yeah what he did was horrible but look at the shit he has done in his wrestling career injuring him self for the sake of vinnie mac and company.Vince could make alot of money selling benoit’s story and career as a wrestler…why is it that they will adore someone who kills themselves and feed them to the fans as victims ..but yet benoit is also a victim

  • misfit del rio

    So what’s the fucking point of allowing that match to air? Either let him be shown all together or just completly shove him under the rug, don’t edit stuff out anymore, you’re not glorifying him, just don’t ignore him like he never existed. Wrestlemania 20 nyone?

  • mike

    whats next, there gonna remove the nickelback lyric “I’m in balls out” from the raw opening

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