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WWE Cutting Legends Contracts, Latest News on WWE NXT

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– The word going around is that WWE will forgo renewing a number of the Legends marketing contracts when they expire this year.

– While details on the rebranded ECW, which will reportedly go under the name WWE NXT, remain scarce, sources have shed light on some of the ideas that were tossed around in the weeks prior to the announcement.

In addition to the much-reported talk of incorporating alternative/science-fiction elements to the weekly SyFy wrestling broadcast, an idea emerged to incorporate reality show elements into the program. The idea of building the show around interactive viewership participation also came up, although it is not known how seriously WWE took that idea given the relative failure of concepts like Taboo Tuesday and Cyber Sunday.

  • Zach V

    I meant to add Cyber Sunday failed cuz it did terrible buyrates

  • Zach V

    Actually Cyber Sunday votes were quite real. They’ve been stated on sites like these that WWE did not rig the votes. Proof of this would be the last cyber sunday where u could vote 4 a tag match and the fans voted for morrison/miz vs cryme tyme if wwe rigged it they woulda went with the obv choice and that was punk/kofi vs legacy 4 the tag titles and u could tell thats wat wwe wanted cuz the next night on raw they did the title switch

  • baddog_1_2k

    ECW sux. Christina sux the only guy on that show with a real future is shelton. nuff said

  • jim

    lmao Sci Fi themes on wrestling.WWE really needs to move from Sci Fi network.what are they gonna want WWE to do have wrestlers walk around with light sabers.this will be cheesey

  • dave

    wwe got rid of wcw! they ruined ecw and now gettin rid of it! its only a matter of time before its a tna invasion like years ago with ecw and wcw!

  • Ryan

    It said ‘marketing contracts’ which I assume is use of their name and likeness in merchandise.

  • Joe

    It’s not about being able to afford them, why keep them around if you’re not doing a damn thing with them?

  • Jeff

    gee WWE sounds like they are getting cheap if they cant aford their legends..I mean C’mon they made you! Well you made them 1st but still…and Why not get rid of ECW? ECW 10yrs ago was not even apart of wwe. wwe ruined ecw…watch if TNA goes under 5yrs from now hell WWE might get the rights to TNA lol and turn it in a s*it fest

  • Nick

    I won’t be watching this sh!t.

  • Zach

    maybe they will still let christian have it and he will go to NXT to become the NXT Champion??

  • Normania

    Wonder what they will do with Christian and the ECW Championship?

  • RPM

    some kind of vignette about the young wrestlers history each time a new or important new star joins NXT could be ok, aslong as they are only 2-3mins in length and not like 15mins of retarded clips that ecw uses to fill time now.