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— WWE Diva Eve Torres wrote last night on Twitter that she was attacked by a giant squid. She enclosed a gruesome photo of her back, which is littered with red marks.

To view the photo, click here.

While the marks are legit, she said today that she was merely joking about being attacked by a giant squid. She said the marks are from a Chinese healing procedure called Cupping.

— Matt Hardy was removed from the opening SmackDown montage on Friday’s show. He remains listed on the company website’s SmackDown roster page.

— Putting a rumor to rest, TNA star Jay Lethal wrote on his Twitter account that he is not dating NXT Rookie Diva AJ Lee — after being asked. He did, however, note that they were a couple at one point.

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  • Paul123

    to follow wrestling*

  • Paul123

    i know she still is wrestling at FCW cause shes the queen or something but i said that because she and most of the FCW divas are mostly on NXT now.

    apparently im a ‘know-it-all’ just because i like follow wrestling -.-

  • Ronald

    Paul, she still is wrestling at FCW. Has been for some time. Get with it, Mr. Know-It-All.

  • Vic

    $100 bucks says he’s gonna try and have her get him in wwe once she’s really tight with wwe officials.

  • Paul123

    Jay Lethal trained AJ Lee and they were dating when she was still wrestling at FCW.

  • brody

    Dang. I’ve had that procedure done more times than I care to think about, and I never had bruising like that. Come to think of it, though, a friend of mine had it done and he bruised up like that as well. Cupping bruises – the sign of inferior mortals! All men are created equal, indeed… hmph!

  • Matt

    Didnt know about the AJ Lee and Jay Lethal dating but did anyone pick up on CM Punks line last week on NXT when he said: “AJ’s lethal”….thought it was a kinda funny insider reference.

  • Scooter

    aww I thought this was a report about aj tweeting about sharktopus the most deadly creature in the ocean that is the low budget syfy movie
    my report > Daniel PenaP whos wlth me

  • Joe

    How can I become a reporter for this site? I can sit on twitter and tell you guys what people are saying there and sit on my butt and state the obvious. What happened to real news?

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