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WWE Diva Denies Retirement Rumors, WWE Highlighting The ’90s, More

— Gail Kim responded to speculation online that she may retire in the near future.

“Retiring? haha why would I do that?” she wrote on Twitter. “I can still go with the best and still look good :))))hehe can’t get rid of me that easily! Haters u wish!”

Kim also commented on former TNA rival Awesome Kong joining the promotion.

She wrote, “Looks like my old friend is coming 🙂 I’m ready 4 round 2. Anytime. Anywhere. We have some unfinished business….”

— The theme for WWE Classics On Demand programming during the month of May is the ’90s. A video teaser has been released with The Rock, Shawn Michaels, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and the nWo prominently highlighted. The promo indicates that WWE Classics On Demand will count down the greatest matches of the ’90s.

— Former WWE star Mo of Men on a Mission fame celebrates his 47th birthday today.

  • theviewtvshow

    i am a hater and i can always fast forward or go for a smoke when i see the slanted eye ho, i dont need to see her 😀
    so yes ido get rid of her easily

  • jushin liger

    WOW erik please stop!! I didn’t want to get into this arguement/discussion, but you my friend are falling into the hole you are digging with every comment.Secondly, people say they do it for the love of wrestling at 2 moments in their career: 1) When they are first starting out and will wrestle for peanuts and 2) when they have made enough money to live comfortably for the rest of their life and the are still addicted to the rush from performing.Gail kim is in between both of those points in her life, so give her some slack and let her make some REAL money from the big boys, she deserves it.Lastly, you actually thought lisa marie varon left WWe to go to TNA? lmao she left to pursue MMA and her body shop, both of which failed.she went to TNA as a Fallback.That fallback has a light schedule and lighter pay, but it allows her to spend more time with her family.Get you facts straight before you go Batting in the big leagues son!!!

  • erik

    @cc wouldn’t be a champion on wwe or any company gives you more money? lmao cc mccool when she was winning multi women’s titles i am sure she made alot more than a low card jobber. just like barry horwitz didn’t make much money as jobber. A jobber a low card wrestler doesn’t make that much cash.

  • erik

    @cc as a performer or a female wrestler you train to be best that means winning top championship or title. gail kim is going now where in her wwe comeback to wwe. my point is lisa victoria got alot of money as a joke jobber in wwe but left to go to tna so she can get respect back. some people like doing pro wrestling for love for bussiness not everyone is in it for money.

  • joe

    I stand corrected. This article says for the month of may. Not this month. Sorry

  • joe

    I just checked and its not highlighting the 90’s. It’s highlighting dynamic duos. I just watched the 1st ever tag team ladder match from no mercy 99. And man I can’t believe we won’t see moments like that from edge ever again. That match really helped make e&c and the hardy boyz careers. What an amazing match. But anyways wrong again we. Jusy like stan was wrong about the wrestling time from raw. The main event time alone was over 30 min. Even with the commercial breaks. And intros. Poo on you we. Oh well ill still visit your site and read your news. Just make sure you’re accurate. Even during the match I just watch they said all month long leading up to extreme rules ondemand features dynamic duos not the 90’s

  • M.C.

    If today’s wwe is really highlighting the 90s, then they’ll probably bleep & blur the hell out of those clips!

  • CC

    So what are you saying Erik, that people shouldnt want to earn more money in life? Are you saying that if you were offered two similar jobs, one in a small company paying peanuts and one in a huge company paying you at least double that, that you wouldnt take it?
    It pisses me off when people shout that wrestlers, actors or musicians etc are all sell outs for going for some extra cash, while all the time doing the same thing in their own lives.

    My bet is that Gail lives a lot more comfortably as a jobber in WWE than she did as a top female in TNA and the indys.

    If Gail wasnt happy, she’s be asking for her release wouldnt she, so stop with the bitching.

  • JOutlaw

    @ Erik

    are you honestly saying that Gail Kim can’t wrestle with the best of the Diva’s at the moment? If you don’t think she’s skilled enough then go and look at her debut match for WWE, or any of her work with Awesome Kong in TNA! 90% of those matches are better than most of the stuff the male wrestlers, sorry, Male Superstars on Raw or Smackdown could ever achieve on their best night.

    And your dissing her because she is getting a nice paycheck from WWE? Face reality mate, we all work to get a paycheck. She’s still young and setting up for her future so of course she is going to work for the company that pays her the most. It also helps that WWE is the Franchise and everyone else needs to catch up to them. Why not earn more money for a bigger and better company and have more people know your name for being a jobber, than people ever would being the best female wrestler for a second rate company?

    Only thing I can think of is that you are nothing but a jealous little teenager who has yet to remove himself from his mothers breasts!


  • erik

    Yeah gail the best lol k2 eve bellas twins. gail who are a jobber who jobs to dumb models all time. for what gail a big pay check?

  • nnla

    not sure why people call out “haters”. you want to call a group of people out? Then continue to go out and do what you do best. Everyone will always have someone who doesn’t like them and it’s funny how much people focus on those people instead of the group of people who love and support you.