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Former WWE Diva Not A Fan Of Ryback, CM Punk Extends Two PPV Streaks, More

– Former WWE Diva talent Maria Kanellis tweeted her insight during Sunday’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view event and indicated that she is not a fan of Ryback. She wrote in consecutive messages:

“Why is Ryback Batista?”

“Why is Ryback Goldberg?”

“Why is Ryback Brock?”

“Why is Ryback on my TV?”

On the other hand, she congratulated Dolph Ziggler for claiming the World Heavyweight Championship contract: “Congrats my friend!! You deserve it!! I am so happy for you… Hugs;)).”

– CM Punk’s WWE Championship victory over Daniel Bryan Sunday at Money in the Bank extended two pay-per-view streaks. His win marked as his eighth consecutive successful title defense on pay-per-view. However, despite his reign atop WWE, it was the seventh consecutive pay-per-view in which he did not defend the title in the main event.

– Former WWE Superstar Bobby Lashley turns 36 years old Monday.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    People are seriously DISLIKING everyone’s comments shitting on Ryback? People actually like Ryback?! WOW. That blows my mind. And “HATER”, you’re seriously shitting on Maria’s wrestling skills. Who cares? LOOK at her, you homo. And I’m not Shawn Michaels, I’m not apologizing for that comment.

    Oh, and fuck Ryback too. Thumbs down this all you like, but Ryback blows. I hated it the first time when it was called Goldberg, but at least that douchebag was over… till he got to WWE.

  • “The Greatest Man Alive”

    make the comparisons if you like, bottom line is he’s the only beast wwe has besides brock. im no kid so i can’t watch santino give ppl the cobra all day… i have to see jbl like clotheslines and aggressive powerbombs! “FEED ME MORE”


    Who is Maria?
    Why did Maria have a job in WWE so long?
    Why is Maria’s Wrestling skills so bad?
    These are the questions she should be asking and for all you tools whinning about Ryback has no moves well what about Goldberg, Batista, Cena and i can keep going on.

  • Shawn O B

    why were you ever on tv buggy eyes????

  • cheesehandler

    CM PUNK = #secondfiddle

  • JayHawk

    Ryback is getting the Goldberg push allot of 2 to 3 minute matches then he will go on to really get into the mid cards but I don’t know how far in the main event scene he will go they wouldn’t let he man handle cena or hhh. Him vs the big show or brock would be ok since it is power vs power.

  • shorty

    thomas get over it and deal with it if you dont like ryback then change the channel whether you like it or not hes not going anywhere
    so deal with it stop disrespecting ryback I for one happen to be a big fan of ryback hes my favorite wrestler and hes a great wrestler with lots of moves whos making a name for himself and he could not care less what you say about him more a less he will kick anyones ass who has something not nice to say so back off leave ryback alone
    big ryback fan

  • shorty

    listen hes got a bicycle i dont like your comments at all about ryback
    so keep them to your self because I happen to be big fan of ryback since he debuted on smackdown, your comments about him are out line so if you dont like ryback dont watch him ryback does not give a shit or care about what you say about him on this chat board it is inappropriate to wish death on someone he is a wrestler up and coming who is doing well winning his matches and is going to make a big name for himself in the wwe, hes on a roll, never base people what they look like, that is judging someone, so if you dont like watching someone in the wwe change the channel and stop judging a big ryback fan anyone who has nothing nice to say about him (ryback) i will always stand up for him on this message board so grow up

  • shorty

    maria is a disrespectful bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if she does not like ryback or she is not a fan of ryback then dont disrespect him and dont watch him on TV Grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not your problem or business maria kanellis your not in wwe no more but in roa
    so keep your disrepectful comments about ryback to your self maria kanellis a big ryback fan

  • yofits

    Cena cashes in tomorrow night, rock comes back next week & challenges him at summerfest. rock vs cena II, cena wins.

  • Devil_Rising

    Don’t worry, the WWE title will be back in the main event just as soon as Cena wins it at Summerslam. That’s how WWE/Vince/HHH/Stephanie’s mind works these days.

  • scooter

    The only way Punk not main eventing makes sense is if it’s Cena/Punk at summerslam and they have Punk go over clean in a passing the torch moment then from there Punk closes shows.

  • Hes got a bicycle

    he used to be a fat roided-up stone cold wannabe. now he’s a fat roided-up no talent goldberg-rvd-brock-batista wannabe.

  • thomas

    Ryback has no moves dam I can not stand him just get rid of him

  • Hes got a bicycle

    “Why is Ryback still alive? Shouldn’t he be dead by now from all those steroids intake?”

  • The Awesome One

    im not a fan of ryback either

  • SpudimusPrime89


    That Ryback match at the PPV was far from a squash.

  • poko

    It was a good run for Punk, but I wonder how far he’s going to fall after Cena reclaims the title. Or perhaps he’s destined for Smackdown?

  • JC

    ^^^^ 100% agreement Punk/Bryan stole the show..

  • chronoxiong

    Too bad CM Punk’s WWE Title reign will forever be overshadowed by Vince McMahon’s golden boy John Cena main eventing all the time. What a shame.

  • Robinson

    they seriously have to shit or get off the pot on ryback, its time to push him or do SOMETHING with him because these squash matches are getting to be a waste of time!!!!!