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WWE Diva Lands Cover Of Maxim Magazine, Sheamus Scheduled For Awards Show

— A bikini-clad Kelly Kelly pressed against a red sports car is featured on the cover of the December 2011 issue of Maxim.

The issue features a Q&A with the blonde starlet. When asked to name her favorite wrestler, she says “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. “He’s always been my idol,” she says. Kelly also says she would like to get in the ring with Lindsay Lohan.

“She needs some sense knocked into her,” she says.

— Sheamus will present an award at the MTV Europe Music Awards on Sunday in Belfast, Northern Ireland. WWE kicks off an 11-day tour of Europe on Wednesday, thus allowing him to appear at the event.

Celebrity appearances will also include Katy Perry, Evanescence singer Amy Lee, actress Hayden Panettiere, supermodel Bar Refaeli, supermodel Irina Shayk and actor David Hasselhoff.


  • Rob

    Google “troll face” and then google “kelly kelly” and tell me their faces dont look alike. To the sexist comment, sorry the ugly mug is subjectifying herself to grace the cover of a sexy magazine in such a way where shes bound to be judged by her looks. Sorry she does this in e ery aspect of her career choices, shes a butter face ugly woman who cant wrestle worth a crap! Shes obnoxious with the screaming and over acting. When she smiles, it looks like orton punted her in the face. When she screams in the ring, it sounds like shes auditioning with the producers. Man she sucks.

  • MLucero

    Kelly Kelly is kind of cute I guess. She’s not that freaking attractive like people make her out to be.

  • cumonkellykelly

    nope 350 pounds my man ^

  • venom


    You are right about these idiots. They prefer their woman 300 pounds or they are just into dudes.

  • scooter

    @Matt I know right cause its not like women find men attractive! I mean I feel so guilty being sexually attracted to a woman.

  • Matt

    Bunch of sexist idiots

  • stockshark28

    Would be funny as hell if Lindsey Lohan kick her ass wouldnt it!

  • scooter

    I’d much rather see hayden amy lee or katy perry on the cover ironically although kelly is hot just cause she sucks in the ring doesn’t take away from her sex appeal

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Kelly is hotter than hell! All you haters say this shit for either 1 of 2 reasons.

    1. You know you will never get a girl as hot as Kelly because you spend all day long in your moms basement playing video games and masturbating to internet porn.

    2. You know you will never have anyone as hot as Kelly because you are married to a 300lb bearded goat lady from hell.

  • ironcross

    ugly whore from mexico that needs a vg re sleeve

  • cumonkellykelly

    sooooooooo true^

  • JK

    I bet Lohan would beat the crap out of Kelly. Kelly’s not ugly but she’s not hot either. I find her a bit repulsive but different strokes for different folks.


    Come on guys it’s not Kellys fault her face has been stuck in place by cum. It’s the rosters. And the producers. And the writers. And the bookers. Oh and vinnie mac himself

  • JIR

    @Rob and @Alucard
    Let me guess you two are either Blind,Stupid or Both Kelly Kelly is no Butter Face and the woman is definitely not Ugly

  • scooter

    Austin has been kelly idol since when the these five years she’s known anything about wrestling? wait scratch that she still knows nothing about the past

  • Rob

    Thanks for the correction alucard.

  • Kelly Kelly is not a Butt Face, She’s a Ugly Whore ! ! !

  • charlie

    Rob Kelly Kelly is no butter face, bitch!

  • chronoxiong

    Oh, I would love to see Kelly Kelly knock some sense into Lindsay Lohan too.

  • Rob

    Agghh.. I dont want that butter face on my mag.. I was hoping maryse but then…