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– Tyler Black worked his final independent date this weekend in Chicago, teaming with Jimmy Jacobs. Black is living in Tampa and has been working out at WWE’s FCW developmental territory. He will now be working exclusively with WWE.

– There have been rumors within WWE about RAW Diva Jillian Hall’s future with the company. While her status with the company is in good standing, plans are being made to “retire” Jillian as an on-air performer. She would then work as a trainer to WWE’s female developmental talents in Tampa, Florida. No word yet when these changes will happen with Jillian but that is the plan.

Partial source: PWInsider.com

  • charlemange

    thats a damn shame they are going to force her into retirement but they should atleast give her a run as champion before she retires and if they have to retire her how old is she anyway

  • erik

    Doesn’t really matter about divas bellas, kelly, eve rosa alicia they care more about there looks than wrestling. I would love to see kelly, bellas, eve, alicia fired so wwe can push talent onew.

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    They are giving her the Ivory treatment starship!

  • PLW

    What a waste! She deserved a decent title run

  • Paul123

    but also what an insult to her huh?! first losing to models turned ‘wrestlers’ and now having to train them herself? but if she did choose to retire herself then thats different.

  • Starship Pain

    No Jillian, not her, please. I will miss her boobs… eh, wait… i will miss her skills. She’s really a good performer. she deserves better.

  • Paul123

    i agree,, the gimmick was stupid and she deserved a better one. she is actually an amazing wrestler and i hope that they give her a proper title run before they retire her. she deserves it after years of jobbing.

    but she would make an excellent trainer, who knows, maybe she will make the divas division good again.

  • jay

    Its not like she choose that gimmick. just being told what to do and also taking a rip at hogans daughter brooke. i like her kinda wish they would of given her a run with the title. just my opinion

  • Code Red

    The Divas have needed a good trainer ever since Finlay went back to active competiton. Jillian is a solid veteran to teach Johnny Ace’s j.o. material a little sense in the ring.


    Finally that gimmick was annoying, hshe is a decent in ring performer however, but unlike divas like Trish, lita, beth, Mickie, Melina, Natalya, and Gail Kim. She wont be missed…IMO.

  • Ronald

    I liked at NoC when Matt Striker said, in reference to seeing Jillian, “Wait, she still works here?” lol

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