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WWE Diva Pleads Not Guilty To Driving Drunk In Florida, WWE Posts Rare Matches

– Cameron, a member of Brodus Clay’s dance troupe, entered a not guilty plea in her driving under the influence case on Tuesday, reports A pre-trial hearing is scheduled for October 23 in Florida.

Real name Ariane Nicole Andrew, the 24-year-old was busted for drunk driving on August 24 in Tampa, Florida. She allegedly offered one of the arresting officers $10,000 to release her without charge. The bribe was rejected. Further compromising the matter, Cameron did not inform WWE officials of her arrest. They only learned that she had been arrested when they read about it online. She was subsequently suspended for 15 days.

– The official WWE website has released a video playlist of rarely acknowledged matches, including a bout between Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair from 1991. Other featured clips include The Rock vs. Kurt Angle vs. Big Show in a WWF Hardcore Championship Match, Rey Mysterio vs. Mr. JL (a/k/a Jerry Lynn) in a WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match, Rick Rude and Dingo Warrior (a/k/a Ultimate Warrior) teaming up, and Ted DiBiase facing Hulk Hogan in 1979.

– “Rowdy” Roddy Piper noted Tuesday via Twitter that Ric Flair will appear on an upcoming edition of the Rod Pod (podcast details available here).

  • Superman

    1 she might not of even been drunk might of just been .1 over the limit which isn’t gonna hurt anyone and 2 check the news moron it shows people getting stopped for it everyday

  • misfit del rio

    Show me the 50,000 posts of people getting caught for drunk driving and I’ll go on my childish diatribe against every one of those selfish stupid igonorant people, and before anyone asks, no I don’t drink, have disdain towards alcohol

  • Superman

    Misfit del rio have you thought that maybe she didn’t do any of that. and that the cop could be lieing about it? it sue wouldn’t be the first time a cops made something up. i’m not hating on cops as i think most of them do a real good job but to react the way you reacted in your comment is stupid. this sh!t happens to people everyday but just coz you read about it on the net that makes it true and gives you the right to react like you did in the childish manner thats shown yet nobody sees you posting about the other 50,000 people that get stopped everyday for drink driving

  • misfit del rio

    Fuck you bitch, you got caught own up to it. Jesus christ, the way we treat criminals in this country is horrible, you broke the law twice, you have no rights. Get fired already and go to jail, where you belong. Idiot, putting innocent peoples lives in danger because your too fucking stupid and selfish to stop drinking.

  • Pete

    She is going to be future endeavoured