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WWE Diva Publicly Endorses Linda McMahon For Senate – Could She Get In Trouble?

WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia posted a message on Twitter today encouraging her followers living in Connecticut to vote for Linda McMahon as U.S. Senator.

“Voting day!!!! If u live in CT I hope u will vote 4 @Linda_McMahon 4 Senator! Worked 4 her 4 10yrs! Great Lady!! Go Linda!! #Vote,” she wrote.

Some of the Diva’s followers have speculated that she could get in trouble with WWE for publicly showing support for McMahon after Brian Jossie, who portrayed A.W., claimed in an August interview with Connecticut’s The Day that he was released from his contract with the sports-entertainment organization because he encouraged his followers to vote for her.

Upon being informed of his termination, Jossie said he received a phone call from Jane Geddes, Vice President of Talent Relations, telling him he committed a major faux pas with his pro-Linda tweet.

“For some reason they don’t want to associate her with anything to do with wrestling because it’s in the past,” Jossie said. “Vince (McMahon) doesn’t want any association with her campaign. They told me it’s two totally different entities, which I didn’t know. I thought I was doing a good thing.”

WWE, however, rejected Jossie’s claims in the article, attributing his release to poor judgment on live television and social media. Spokesperson Brian Finn stated, “WWE is a non-partisan organization. Superstars as well as employees are free to support any political party or candidate they choose. Unfortunately, Brian Jossie, playing the character of A.W., was terminated because he continued to exhibit poor judgment by making offensive and inappropriate comments on live television and on social media.”

  • Thomas

    I wouldn’t be surprised if AW went on another Twitter rant if Garcia didn’t get in trouble, which she most likely won’t.

  • Bill

    Hey, at least Linda was the one running. Imagine what would happen to WWE if Vince decided to run for president or something.

  • Bob

    WOOOO linda has lost her senate bid….now lets throw the pg era in the recycling bin and bring back the hardcore matches or something!!!!!

  • marcum

    AW didn’t get fired for endorsing Linda McMahon he got fired because he did something wrong got in trouble for it and then threw a temper tantrum on twitter because they board of directors said something to him. If he would have just accepted that rape jokes aren’t ok on a PG rated show maybe he wouldn’t have gotten fired.

  • wf3458

    Well it funny and not suprised that there talen are force to support Linda. But tonight the voter will vote against a greedy, selfish, and pitful family in the McMahon and vote for someone that represent rights for everybody.

  • Will Henderson

    difference is, AW was heeling it up and got fired for using Linda’s name for cheap heat on twitter while LIllian is just saying just go vote for Linda as a friend and royal WWE employee.

    while i’m not endorsing Linda or live in Connecticut, i will let those in Connecticut let their voices be heard and vote whoever they damn well want to vote.

  • WOW

    So workers acknowledging her is bad but the company funding 100+ million is good? Gotcha

  • Bawb

    Yeah, I highly doubt that she out of all people will get in trouble. She has the best reputation out of anyone working there. She’s talented beyond the organization and she’s a great long-time ambassador/role model.

    Jossie, on the other hand…

  • Jimbo

    Get in trouble? She’ll probably get a raise.