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WWE Diva Suffers Dislocated Shoulder, Pot Use Down On SmackDown, SmackDown Rating

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Alicia Fox suffered a dislocated shoulder at the 11/28 live event in Johnson City, Tennessee and will be out of action for a few weeks as a result.

— Marijuana usage among SmackDown talent is said to be way down with one wrestler describing the blue brand as clean. Many feel the $2,500 fine levied per pot test failure makes the drug no longer worth using considering it used to be $1,000. According to another wrestler, there were a number of pot failures among Raw talent, to the point that it is an issue being talked about.

— The 11/20 edition of Friday Night SmackDown drew a 2.1 rating with 3.56 million viewers.

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  • gregory

    they pushed alicia too fast
    that girl sucks
    i never watched a full match with her
    not even when she was a manager to dj gabriel
    BTW where the hell is he anyway

  • Keith Learmonth

    The “big deal” is that it is illegal. It’d look bad on the company’s record if they just let them all get high.

    Not to mention marijuana’s tendency to exacerbate mental illnesses, including undiagnosed ones. WWE can’t afford to have randy orton lose grip on reality and actually think he’s really “The Viper”…

  • scooter

    course pot use is down jeff hardys gone

  • baddog_1_2k

    alica fox out of action..nobody will notice I’m sure

  • Yeh

    Ive always thought that smoking a little weed isnt a bad thing. If your not high during the match and just trying to chill out while working a hard schedule, why not? When Im working 60 hours a week.. a nice hit each night really makes life better.

  • It doesn’t matter what my name is

    I don’t see what the big deal is. Sure marijuana is illegal, but as long as the wrestlers aren’t working high, they shouldn’t be punished. Smoking a little marijuana is much safer than popping painkillers. It’s also not that hard on your body compared to a night of boozing.

  • Steve

    Big deal. I don’t care for Alicia anyway.