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WWE Diva Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction At Last Night’s SmackDown Taping

Rosa Mendes suffered a wardrobe malfunction during a dark match against Natalya at last night’s SmackDown taping in Roanoke, Virgina.

The match ended abruptly with the referee calling for the bell and giving the victory to Natalya. Mendes covered her chest with her arms and quickly headed to the back while numerous male onlookers cheered at ringside. Natalya attempted to keep the focus away from Mendes as she acted overly excited about the win.

The Roanoke Civic Center staff were overheard saying Mendes had suffered a “wardrobe malfunction.”

Mendes commented on the matter on her Twitter account, writing: “A wardrobe malfunction that everyone wanted to see tonight.”


  • In Grind We Crust

    first two comments say it all.


    @Jerky there is nothing wrong with wanting to see what somebody’s tits look like. Boobs can be found anywhere on the net, but it is more exciting when the boobs belong to a celebrity. Were just curious to see what they look like and what she working with. Any guy should understand that….geez

  • KpNuttzLol

    I guess that explains why the match ended so quickly :p

    But I don’t think Natalya was “acting” overly excited I think she genuinely was.Given that she actually competed and WON a match lately is a pretty big thing for her :/

  • Matt


    Are you gay?

  • Jerky

    And the majority of the responses actually solidify my arguement…

  • Assassino

    see how boobs can cause arguements haha

  • sandman

    i bet the ref got a peek at some Boobies lucky man

  • renz

    lol fuck u guys need to chill… pretty sure jerky its normal male reaction.. wardrobe malfunction instantly screams to all striaght males ‘boobs’ lol nothing wrong with it. its just a reaction/joke! altho pics wouldnt be half bad 😉

  • Jimbo


    It’s a fucking joke, you stupid douchebag.


    The Internet.

  • Devil_Rising

    You know, “wardrobe malfunctions” wouldn’t happen in wrestling, if the women would actually wear decent wrestling gear/outfits, instead of skimpy clothes just to “look hot”. Just saying.

  • Greatness

    Somebody get a vid or pics of this!!

  • ##

    Always happy to hear about a wardrobe malfunction now lets see the pics of the tits!!!
    Jerky sounds like he’s tired of spanking the monkey LOL oh so bitter is the lad…..

  • sdvd d

    we are just kidding jerky

  • Monty

    @Jerky – I understand completely what your saying, I am married, and still look at porn on occasions (mainly on her time of month), however, it is fantasising to see a women that is out of my league body that I would not normally get to see.

  • Jerky

    Don’t mean to sound like a Jerk (but that is my job), but some of you, seriously, just watch some porn if you’re that desperate for boobs…
    It makes you sound like you’re a little kid who has never seen boobs before, or just some nerd who sits in front of his computer all day bitching about stuff… Although, of course, if you are the latter, then watching porn is probably one of your daily essentials.


    Go find your own girl who will give you plenty of wardrobe malfunctions…

  • Paul

    I just want see like, Stephie Mcmahons Wardrobe Malfunction.

  • jeff

    ooooooooooooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Elizabeth

    Thats what happens when u put DDD boobs in a training size top

  • Bill

    @CM Mark, where is that from? I can’t remember…

  • SusyRko

    when she first started she was ugly, now she is beautiful, Im not sure but surgery can make people look better

  • CM Mark


  • Jimbo

    Pics or it didn’t happen.