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Former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout Helping at the Performance Center, WWE Edits Eddie Match

– WWE posted Eddie Guerrero’s last match against Ken Anderson on their website and edited out the unprotected chair shot to the head.

– Mickie James is in Orlando today at the WWE Performance Center and will be there all week as a guest trainer for the WWE developmental Divas. Mickie tweeted:

“Lovely to meet you too sweetie! @DevinTaylorWWE & all I can say is the @WWEPerformCtr blew me away! You guys & gals got it made! Amazing!”

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  • Shawn OB

    Yeah, hopefully none will get any head trauma from falling through tables and have scars that could happen among impact. I believe there’s a correct positioning to fall through a table that keeps your head from hitting the floor and that’s what I was thinking about while saying I wanted to see some more tables(not getting speared through one! ho ho, heck no.). I guess they could get nasty whiplash, so replacing tables with the ” just to the back please dear opponent” chair shots would be counter productive. The wrestlings been good so I don’t need to see inanimate objects get included into matches.

  • Stumpy

    Remember what a table did to Hardcore Holly’s back… but you can’t take it all away. Chairshots can be just as entertaining as someone going through a table as long as it is done properly. Headshots were cool to see, but knowing what we do now, I’m glad to see they stopped doing them. The long-term risks are too great compared to the short-term satisfaction.

  • Shawn OB

    I’m sure they would edit out any chair shots out of any video they would post, not just the late,great Eddie Guerrero matches. They should just stop with the chairs in my opinion. Maybe have more tables or something.