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WWE Diva Turning Heel?, Zack Ryder Storyline Update from RAW, Matt Hardy

– Matt Hardy will be wrestling “Sudden Impact” Louis Moore at the AIWF Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Chair City Clash II on March 3rd in Thomasville, North Carolina.

– In a storyline update, WWE’s website says that Zack Ryder remains hospitalized after suffering a broken back at the hands of Kane last night on RAW. WWE says they do not know yet how long Ryder will be out of action.

– On a related note, there has been some talk of turning Eve Torres heel.

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  • lhdang2000

    I don’t think Eve is great at a heel,her face just look a little teen and the fact that Eve is like a beautiful model for any girls want to be a great Divas/Knockouts

  • kitkrock

    Fatt Lardy will not DIEt!

  • CC

    @LSC .. spot on.
    All the reports about her turning on Kelly Kelly turned out to be nothing but hot air.

  • LSC

    Didn’t they say this same old shit about Eve in the summer?

  • shawn

    Eve doesnt have many past storylines in the past to be coerced to be doing anything by Kane while she gives in to her “hate”. i say she’ll turn heel later.

    i think Aj Lee will help put blame on the Big Show for her injuries along with mr. Bryan and turn heel. imo she’ll turn heel sooner than Eve. hopefully it isnt because shed “lost it” due to a concussion because of Chris “The Rabid Wolverine” Benoit. i mean think of this, the WWE just paired Aj and Bryan up. did they do that just so she could break up with him? hmm.. that would be better than my 1st. and (i know it) dumb idea. they said she suffered a concussion and the point i want to make is i really wouldnt feel comfortable if they ill play of her heel role(if happening) from the storyline concussion.

    now that i think of it she could dump Bryan. that’ll definitely make Bryan earnestly aggressive storyline wise. just feel dirty for mentioning Benoit just to type in a comment. sorry.

  • TheOnlyOne

    What if they have Eve get together with Kane and carry Kane’s child…Then have Ryder accidentally cause Eve to miscarry. Then Ryder will pull the “It wasn’t my fault bro…” Wait this sounds familiar…

  • Whooper


  • Stumpy

    Eve is working with Kane just like Torrie was working with Xpac and DX when she fed Kane to DX. Storyline recycled to a degree if that is the case. Also she is pushing Cena for that all too expected heel turn.

  • Jon

    Eve feeding Zack to Kane

  • PinkSinCara

    ^^ agreed ^^ Then she can tell the fans to “stick it, brother”

  • Sammo

    Turning Eve heel would truly rock the wrestling world, and fans everywhere would feel like the entire world had been turned upside down. It’s this kind of radical and brain-shattering storyline developments that ensures WWE’s popularity is continuously snowballing.