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WWE Diva Turns Babyface, Matches for the First SmackDown of 2012

– Coming out of last night’s WWE SmackDown, two title matches are official for the first episode of 2012.

Daniel Bryan will defend the World Heavyweight Title against Big Show in a match made by Teddy Long to counter RAW’s first main event of 2012 – Dolph Ziggler vs. WWE Champion CM Punk.

Also on the first SmackDown of 2012, Cody Rhodes will defend the WWE Intercontinental Title against Booker T. Next week’s episode will be taped this coming Tuesday from Little Rock, Arkansas.

– Tamina turned babyface on her partner Natalya after they lost to the team of Alicia Fox and Kaitlyn on last night’s WWE SmackDown. After Natalya got pinned by Alicia, Tamina kicked her in the face and hit her with the Superfly Splash, the finishing move originally used by her father Jimmy Snuka.

  • sandman

    wwe has talented women wrestlers but use the women that are models. They should use Tamina, aj lee and Naomi more.

  • Wellsy

    Tamina (surprisingly) has been wasted. They don’t know what to do with her, so she’s just a filler. All the attributes (of a wrestler, not a Diva), all the backstory, but the writers don’t have a clue and only want to put the pretty ones on TV (you’d think if that was the case she wouldn’t still be there).

    I miss the days when the Divas weren’t just a sideshow of irrelevance to everything else going on. Chyna with DX, Steph with HHH, Trish managing several different superstars, Lita and the Hardyz/Edge, Keibler and Wilson with pretty much anyone. It gave them more relevance and exposure (and vice versa for the tag teams that would be out supporting the Divas matches). Now we have undercard tag teams and irrelevant and repetitive Divas matches.

    Surely it would make sense to rejuvenate bothe the Divas and Tag divisions by teaming up:
    Tamina and the Usos (Samoan 2nd generation stars)
    Rosa and the Colons (already happening)
    Natalya and the Hart Dynasty (the group fell apart after Natalya went solo, and Kidd has done nothing on his own since the turn).
    Possibly Eve with Air Boom (she’s athletic and bubbly like them and possibly the closest current Diva to a high flyer).
    Can’t think of any other tag teams (here in lays the problem!). Guess you could have Kelly Kelly with John Cena as they are both company poster childs who toe the company line and thus can both be boring and bland together 😉 (that was tongue in cheek by the way, before people start having a war of words!).

    Think it goes without saying though that both the Divas and Tag divisions have sunk into irrelevancy and could definitely help each other back into the spotlight like in the early 2000s.

  • Albert

    From what i saw described it as a post match assault on Natalya. I believe that Tamina will remain a heel and join Beth Phoenix which will slowly make Natalya a face.

  • True money

    Tamina”s a diva?

  • nick

    tamina was heel?

  • No1Coleminer

    ok, ill ask it, who is tamina??? loll thought she was let go

  • JIR

    so they can keep her with the Usos as a trio of faces against Primo & Epico w/ Rosa(who is hot but the girl can’t dance)

  • CC

    I dont necessarily see this as her turning babyface. While it could very well play out that way, it could actually just be her still being a heel who doesnt want to work with the others, or could be the start of Natalya turning face if Beth turns on her as well because she keeps losing.

  • rko

    Tamina was a baby face and for no reason went heel out of nowhere.
    Only issue I see with Tamina is that she walks too much like a man.