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– Maryse said a homophobic remark late last night on Twitter, writing, “Ur sooo gay…….”

It appears the WWE Diva blundered sending a private message as it was directed to no one in particular on her timeline. The tweet was deleted a short while later.

WWE has come under fire from the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) in recent weeks, which took issue with ‘homophobic taunts’ John Cena directed towards Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on the February 28 episode of Monday Night Raw, as well as a homophobic slur Michael Cole tweeted to Josh Mathews on March 26. Cena’s unsavory verbiage prompted WWE to issue an apology and form a partnership with the organization on an anti-bullying campaign. WWE addressed Cole’s conduct by alerting GLAAD of the situation and announcing that he would partake in a training session.

– Santino Marella vs. Ted DiBiase is advertised for tonight’s episode of WWE Superstars, which marks as the final broadcast on WGN America. The show is expected to continue as an internet property due to the company’s overseas television commitments. However, no official announcement has been made.

Other matches scheduled to take place include Tyson Kidd vs. Yoshi Tatsu and Drew McIntyre vs. JTG.

– David Otunga celebrates his 31st birthday today.

  • Marvin

    Is that it, is that all she said “Ur sooo gay….”
    that’s some weak stuff to potentially get fired over


  • Aaron

    “Homophobic” means a fear of gay people. I think that term is being misused by a lot of people lately. Homos aren’t something to be feared, they’re to be ridiculed and hated. Time for a wresting angle where someone relentlessly beats fags. I dont care if this angle takes place in a backyard wresting company, i’d pay to see it.

  • Nate

    How it saying “ur so gay” homophobic? Sheesh I hear GAY people say that sometimes. Homophobic is not what I would call that.

  • The Power of Ass Gas

    FUCK GLADD. fuck every last person who supports that shit

  • theviewtvshow

    people seem to be more interested in twitter then what happens in the ring

  • theviewtvshow

    everytime someone in WWE says gay or fag everyone is going to make it a big think?

  • JungleJapes

    I’m not against gay people or anything, but for crying out loud…whatever happened to freedom of speech? Also, didn’t South Park do an episode explaining how “fag” doesn’t mean “gay” and so forth? This society has turned into a bunch of easily offended, thin-skinned wimps.

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    @ Joe yes he is serious. Gay does mean happy, Queer means weird, and fag is a cigarette in England (at least that’s what I’ve been told on the last one). This is what all these words meant until GLAAD started telling everyone all it meant something discriminatory towards homosexual, thus these words cannot be used by WWE employees.

  • JOE

    @bloodstone are you serious?

  • kpnuttz

    Without opening this page I knew it would be Maryse (I don’t follow her either)

    She’ll be gone soon, 1) for the remark 2) shes rarely used 3) she hasn’t gotten a veteran partner on the roster to keep her spot.

  • adam

    Thats because back in the attitude era they didnt have john cena and basically the kid focus. Were everything has to be aimed at and for kids. They think that if they start them young they will just keep loving it. BUt the thing is i watched it since i was young and i am almost done because all this pg bullshit and if they fire maryse for that not that she is the best or anything but it is a horrible reason to fire someone just because they tweeted your so gay.

  • The Great One

    are you fucking shitting me, she said ur so gay and that could get her fired ? Go fuck yourself wwe if you fire her for this, what a fucking joke wwe has become, they used to be edgy, now they fucking shit their pants at everything, those who were hoping wwe was going back to attitude era get a grip, look how much of a bitch they have become, back in the attitude era they said what they wanted and when they wanted and didnt give a shit

  • bloodstone

    the word gay means happy so how is this Homophobic Remark ? people are such pusssies

  • adam

    I said they wont fire maryse with all this stuff going on with melina. If they really wanted to fire a diva they would fire her.

  • Tony A


    Hopefully, Maryse doesn’t get fired.

  • CC

    It could also have been something along the lines of someone saying they just watched gay porn or sucked a dick.

  • Chris

    If it was supposed to be a private message how do we know it was a homophobic remark?

    What if the other person she was talking to was talking about how gay they were and her response was Ur sooooo gay

    Inquiring minds want to know =)

  • Buttercastle

    I wish I understood what Adam was saying.

  • wAnxTa

    They wont fire the second hottest diva in the roster. First being Kelly kelly if anyone is curious :D

  • adam

    They wont fire maryse. There to busy of thinking a way to fire melina with how morrison getting pissed off. Also tht would be severly hypoctical if they fire maryse for that and dont even punish the golden boy.

  • Bill

    Why would WWE alert GLAAD about Cole’s mistake? Wouldn’t you want them to stop bothering you?

  • luckysalt

    Maryse, you’re gone

  • adam

    wow they finally put a semi decent match with santino vs dibase and its the last show.

  • Joel

    She was listening to Katy Perry hahaha

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