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WWE Divas Not On Tour, Former WWE Superstar Ready for Retirement, More

– Former WWE star Michael Tarver said he’s retiring from pro wrestling in a few years. After being released from WWE in June of 2011, Tarver got into Christian hip-hop music, has made some independent wrestling appearances and apparently tried to get a job with TNA with no success. He wrote on Twitter yesterday:

“This month marks 8 years in the biz I’m hanging in until 10 then I done with this crap”

– Santino Marella and Hornswoggle will be appearing at the Cricket store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on February 18th at 1pm.

– The Milwaukee Admirals hockey team will host their Salute to Wrestling Night on February 12th at 4pm from the Bradley Center. Mick Foley, Molly Holly, Paul Bearer and Paul Orndorff will be signing autographs for fans as the Admirals face off against the Peoria Rivermen.

– The WWE Divas are not on the current RAW tour of Abu Dhabi due to the strict dress code for women there.

  • DiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiVaaaaaaaaaaaS

    Lol can you imagine the Divas wearing those Ninja outfits and Wrestling haha you can only see their eyes

  • venom

    Tarver should quit now because he sucks. He sounds like he is forced to wrestle. I give TNA credit for not taking all of WWE’s left overs.

  • Mordecai

    Obviously, he hasn’t seen Mark Henry and how it took him 15 years for his hard work to pay off, and that was just 15 years in the WWE alone…

  • Stashathan

    Why wait two years? If you think its “crap” then
    just retire because we can use that same word
    for your in ring ability. Plus he acts like anybody
    cares… Ummm hello your a nobody

  • KpNuttzLol

    “This month marks 8 years in the biz I’m hanging in until 10 then I done with this crap”


    “A company has two years to sign me, pay me a stack of cash and give me plenty of championship shots or I retire for good”

  • CC

    Been in the business for 8 years and still cant wrestle?
    Thats pretty much why nobody else wants to sign him.

    Saying he is “done with this shit” is hardly gonna make him the most sought after guy now is it.

  • Simon07

    So really Tavern hasn’t been around that long then but expected everything to just fall in his lap without working for it? With that kind of attitude its no wonder he hasn’t made it.

  • Ahmed Johnson

    Can we really call Tarver a star?