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It was reported yesterday that there is backstage heat on John Morrison and Melina as a result of their behind the scenes treatment of Trish Stratus. It was claimed that either he or Melina, his girlfriend, felt Stratus took her spot at Wrestlemania XXVII. Morrison rejected various ideas Stratus had for the match and was said to be very difficult to work with. During the live performance, Morrison appeared visibly cold to Status, not making eye contact with her and dodging her following its conclusion. Morrison’s treatment of Stratus reportedly hurt her feelings. Word quickly spread amongst the locker room, garnering heat for both himself and Melina among some circles.

Regarding the validity of the story, former WWE talent Sean Waltman (a/k/a X-Pac), who was on hand for the WrestleMania festivities in Atlanta, wrote yesterday on Twitter that a participant of the Six-Person Mixed Tag Team Match did not behave in a professional manner. He wrote to Stratus, “It was wonderful seeing you this weekend. You are a true professional, unlike someone else in your match and I don’t mean Snookie.”

He then added that he was very surprised and disappointed by the person’s unprofessionalism.

According to a friend of Melina’s, the Raw Diva is legitimately upset with Stratus. Melina has privately said that her source of contention with Stratus is not because she herself was snubbed from WrestleMania due to her, but because many of the Divas were. She’s upset that many of them were snubbed from the grand event when they’re on the road throughout the year, unlike her. Melina also said that she’s not the only girl upset with Stratus for “taking their spot.”

Meanwhile, Melina wrote a message on Twitter Tuesday defending her Diva peers, and that she will fight for them.

“I was eliminated from TE…Look how far I’ve come. I’m not the best but God knows I try my best! Thru all the h8 I’m still standing strong!”

“I don’t care what ANY1 says, WWE Divas CAN wrestle. We prove it when we get time. I believe in them. I will fight 4 them until U see what I C.”

“Thank you everyone. We have a strong group of women in the WWE. A roster that I’m proud to & be a part of.”

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

  • Christie

    JC, I usually use Divas matches as an opportunity for a potty break. lol

  • JC

    Melina lost me when she said the “Divas” can wrestle….I’ll simply have to take her word for it as I use their matches as a prime opportunity to make a sandwich or something until the real wrestling comes back on.

  • marcum

    melina shouldn’t be upset at all shes just going through the wwe diva cycle that most divas have gone through. trish, lita, mickie james, candice michelle, victoria, beth phoenix, jaz etc. whats happens is the diva gets a push becomes champion, looses the title, then is a jobber for awhile and then gets another push. and no the divas aren’t taking the back seat to trish because trish drove the divas to a higher ground and the people like melina, michelle mccool, layla, eve, and kelly kelly drove it to the ground so melina shouldn’t be upset with trish because she brought prestige to the womens championship unlike melina and she wouldnt fit into the wrestlemaina match because she had no storyline with anyone in the mattch. wwe had a good thing going when they turned melina heel but they put her in a jobber position so now they need to make john morrison hell and melina can have her precious wrestlemania match

  • Taint Smellsfowl

    Melina’s shelf life is just about over in the WWE you can see it I hope she take the ugly azz Bella Twitts with her!

  • Nicholas G

    Man the truth is those Divas will never be at Trish Stratus level. Yeah some may be better wrestler. But Trish Stratus had looks and can wrestle with the best Divas. I am not much of a Diva fan either to me the women division is not one of my favorite in wrestling. Not that I don’t like to watch women fight I mean love watching women fight. Which is why I love Women MMA because that is fun to watch. But Women in wrestling never did care for it. To me Trish Stratus was the only woman interesting to watch. An as far as Morrison and Melina goes I could careless about the two. To me Morrison is just all hype and Melina all she ever does good in the ring is yell. Both of them not one of my favorites in the WWE one is not the such a good Diva wrestler. An the other is the new Marty meaning he is no Miz. John Morrison to me is way overrated.

  • Buttercastle

    It doesn’t help that the divas are also subject to separate brands which makes it harder to make storylines for them.

  • Tom

    They should have made Melina’s heel turn against john Morrison. Therefore there wouldve been a proper build up 4 WM n every1 will be happy.So it could’ve been Trish, Natalya, snooki n john vs Michelle, Layla, Melina n Dolph. but obviously these writers make no sense, dey dump the divas title to Eve and they leave Natalya out of the big picture.
    Would’ve worked so well since the rivalries are snooki n Vickie, john n Dolph, Trish n laycool, Natalya n laycool, Natalya n Melina and john n melina.


    I think that Melina is mad at the wrong person and now she’s trying to take the rest of the Divas down with her. If she wants to be mad at anyone, it should be Vinnie Mac, not Trish, oh but she damn sure is not going to say anything about VKM, not if she wants to keep her job. Melina knows well enough that VKM puts the matches together that HE wants and HE wanted Trish in that match so HE put Trish in that match. If she and the other Divas are SO mad, then they all need to bitch to Vinnie Mac and let’s see how long before they’ll be asking TNA for a job….

  • Psychomiklos

    Sorry but She is right Trish should have stayed away she has been awful… I don’t think she managed to do her finisher properly once..

  • Big Daddy

    Trish Stratus did NOT take MElina’s place! Melina is a heel and would not have been able to tag with Snookie and Morrison anyways. Her and Morrison are a bunch of idiots. Very talented idiots. But idiots none the less!

  • Dave S.

    I find it funny the Sean Waltman is questions someone elses professionalism.didnt he no show at a TNA Pay per view??

  • Howe

    Wow. Trish better than Gail Kim or Beth Pheonix, people? She may be better than those two, but not by much. Gail can wrestle and so can Beth, but they suffer from limited TV time.

  • Thestar

    Trish > any current wwe diva

  • http://wrestlingedge alucard420

    What part of Trish being a legend in the WWE don’t those ungrateful divas understand. if it was not for Trish it might not be a women division today, and what did these divas do with the legacy Trish and the others build, they destroyed it. They have no right to treat Trish like that, she’s a icon. Either get on her level or move over bitches!!!

  • keylo

    Devil_Rising lets be honest here shall we, the whore is trying to cover her ass with that crap about sticking up for Divas and again lets be honest, right no mix tag match that frees up one spot for a match and you really think or rather her or many of the others have got that spot over JM or Dolph or even the chosen one Drew ? ok lets say they gave the divas a match and leave those 3 off WM, so Eve is a sure thing who else as not the crying hoe Melina as when did she last have a match of a story ? Layfool would have got it and we all know that. Why is she bitching anyways as she is a heel and they could have had her and Vicky or kong in it but they chose layfool as the heel element

  • Saintsman

    For several years now, the WWE divas have been almost completely unwatchable if you like to see women actually wrestle. Trish was good back then. you hd, Trish, Lita, Molly, Jazz, victoria. All of which were very entertaining to watch. Today….. Trish? Thats about all they got. When she leaves again. it’s back to the “no good” era. Well, actually, Trish helps, but not by very much. With her here with the current brand of Divas. we are in the “Meh, whatever” Era.

  • Devil_Rising

    Give me a break people. Would any of you honestly be surprised if some of the “divas” are upset? At least the REAL wrestlers, like Melina, Beth, Natalya, etc. They did have to take a backseat to Stratus, meaning none of them even got to appear, none of them got the famed “Wrestlemania pay off”. Even the chumps who had to appear in the dark match battle royal get some of that. The divas who had to take a backseat to Trish, who hasn’t been wrestling for years, and SNOOKI, a fat fucking MTV reality show star……yeah, I’d be pissed too.

    It’s not unbelievable at all. But this is just more of the same. WWE only honestly pretended to actually care about women’s wrestling for a small span, couple of years maybe, when chicks like Victoria and Jazz and Molly were around. Since then, it’s been Diva Search and hiring models like the “Bella Twins” instead of wrestlers again. They even got rid of the actual WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP, which at least had a lineage to other great women wrestlers, a bit of a legacy. Now it’s just the stupid looking “Diva Championship”, because you know, they REALLY love that word. And instead of actually celebrating women’s wrestling, and giving someone a proper push with that “Miss Wrestlemania” thing at WM25, what did they do? They let a man in drag win it instead. That was a slap in the face to the entire women’s division. And so was Snooki.

    So yeah….not unbelievable, by a longshot.

  • adam

    ok melina you should not of been anywere near that match. Trish is one of the best women wrestlers of all time. Your a diva you try to wrestle and at times you are pretty good but you are not in trish stratus league. Also you are a heel that would of made no sense. If kelly was in the match it would made sense and she is the one who probably should of been upset but she isnt because im sure she understands that trish is more of a draw then any of the divas on the roster right now.

  • al

    maybe she should also be upset at hhh and taker

  • scsa852k

    I can’t believe they would feel like taking a back seat when they’re compared to Trish Stratus, who was part of multiple WMs in part of Women’s championships.
    It is because of today’s Divas that Divas championship is not even defended any more at WM.
    No respect whatsoever. That’s terrible. Who the F*** to they think they are?

    I laughed at Waltman mentioning professionalism.
    Like he was ever a true professional.

  • kane

    so all of these women were forced to go and honor sunny as the person who set the bar for them as far as being women in the business instead of honoring women like madusa or miss elisabeth, had to skip out of a wrestle mania payday (except for mrs. taker and her partner) so that the company can pay money to have pee wee herman and snookie on the show, will probably be losing their jobs soon and people wonder why they are upset? even when they get a 3 min match on raw, michael cole is screaming to the crowd about how much they suck. it’s never been a secret that vince is not a fan of womens wrestling so why everyone is shocked all of a sudden is beyond me.

    that being said, being on wrestle mania is not a right, but a privilege. it was nice, but not mandatory, of vince to put as many people on the card as possible. you have to be as much of a professional as possible. wrestling is not apart of the new wwe, so each time you are in front of a camera, you may be auditioning for your next job. i feel bad for the ones that are really trying to wrestle. but if this is true, the fact that other people seem to act professionally and melina didn’t will not be good for her or morrison going forward.

  • Evil Doink

    What… Laycool was in the match. What’s she crying about? It’s Snooki that should have stayed home….

  • Thumper!

    Why would you be pissed off about Trish Stratus?

    You had a fat, out of shape drunk that took your spot kelly kelly for fuck sake! Challenge that bimbo to a fight.

    Trish Stratus vs. Melina- Winner gets John Morrison
    WM 28.

  • http://deleted scooter

    @lew natalya got snubbed for eve, gail kim can hardly get a match on superstars and beth is too injury prone face facts trish or no trish the talented divas wouldn’t have been at wrestlemania!
    and it pisses me off how they get mad at the woman who repeatedly turned down playboy and other projects as she wanted to focus on wrestling rather than the non wrestler! oh wait thats because 90% of the divas wish they were on trash tv and only use the wwe as a stepping stone to bigger things!

  • Thomas

    I was never a Fan of Trish, and never thought she was that great of a wrestler when compared to Victoria or even Molly Holly. However, Trish brought respect back to the WOMEN’s Division. Just like Sunny became a Hall of Famer, Trish is next because she set the Bar. The Divas nowadays aren’t anything special and if anything should be proud to have Trish back because shes done so much and there wouldn’t be a Women’s Division without her.
    If Melina wants to cry, then she should go to TNA, where I feel has the better Women’s division. Victoria and Mickie James left, so she could do the same.

  • lew

    ok alot of the divas suck but what about the one like melina, beth phoenix, natalya, gail kim one of them should of at least had a match or been in that match and what about eve her in ring skills r ok and she is the damn divas champion, its really disrespectful to her and the championship to not put her in a match at wrestlemania

  • Logan

    Trish is better and always will be better than melina

  • kpnuttzlol

    I see her point though.She worked her butt off like the rest of the divas and gets shortlisted however, I felt Snooki took her place. Trish is a legendary diva whose worked for years for respect, Snooki made the match a trash fake celebrity joke.It was obivous they would win if they had her on a team and it’s so obvious its sccripted with it.Celebs never lose.

    WWE should have added Melina to the match and added either Vickie or Fox to make it a 4 on 4 match that way there would be 2 talented diva’s per team, a talented male then another partner.

  • Callum

    its about what the fans want to see and the fans want to see trish s

  • Logan

    Interesting that they’re pissed with Trish and not Snookie.

  • Center

    Dave is 100% correct. Trish is entertaining. I hope she stays for a while. Most “Divas” bore me to tears.

  • The Great One

    If they dont want trish to take there spot then try fucking get on her level rather being a pair of tits in the ring, trish was hotter than any of them, but when she got in the ring you almost forgot how hot she was cause she could actually wrestle and entertain to fans, she got a pop back then thats on a level of th likes of orton etc these days, divas these days are lucky if they get a few people making any responce when they come out other than Id fuck that

  • CC

    So the “reliable” sources so far are London, Kendrick and Waltman … thats three guys who you really want in your corner.
    A bitter prick, a pothead and a guy who has fucked up more times than I care to remember.

    I really couldnt care less if this is true about Jomo, Melina or any of the divas as its just too pathethic either way.

    How many times have we seen wrestler x or diva y has heat with WWE/TNA and its proved to be about as true as Bill Clintons defense.

  • Titan

    Oh oh, she used the w word

  • Seth

    What dave said.

  • Dave

    The current divas deserve to take a backseat to Trish Stratus. She is far better than any of them are, or ever will be.

  • donners

    oh, so her twitter wasn’t ‘hacked’ like angle’s was, melina’s using the tried and trusted ‘i’m just saying what everyone else is thinking, but in reality it’s just me that feels like this’ defence….

    classy. very classy.

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