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More WWE DVD Screenings?, News on RAW Staying at Three Hours

– There has been talk of holding more WWE DVD documentary screenings in the future. As noted, the first one is planned for CM Punk’s DVD documentary on October 4th in Chicago at the Portage Theater. Apparently they are also considering doing a second screening for Punk, depending on the success of the first one.

– WWE officials are reportedly happy with RAW since going to three hours and there has been no official talk of scaling back to two hours. One of the reasons they won’t be going back anytime soon is because they get a bigger payment from the USA Network for the extra hour.

While WWE is pleased with the way things are going, they are aware that they need to get the third hour back up. WWE has been working on ways to get fans who may have tuned out, to tune back in for hour three. The feeling is that RAW at three hours is a work in progress.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • Bottomline

    Make the third hour HLA and I wont tune out once

  • SYM

    What are you talking about?

  • d

    Why won’t half my posts post ?

  • McMoney

    Here’s your winning formula: Hour 1 be like Nitro’s hour 1 where the best actual wrestlers ply their craft…hour 2 look at 1991/92 Superstars or Wrestling Challenge, quick promos, the update center, jobber match or 2 to build some guys the right way instead of rushing through all the feuds, and hour 3 your typical Raw that showcases your main stream marquee talent like Cena, Punk, Big Show, Undertaker, HHH, etc…just my opinion, like if you think this would work and dislike if you think I’m a moron lol

  • SYM

    2 Words that will help get Ratings…….Amazing Red O_O

  • chronoxiong

    It could help if they actually build more storylines to make the fans and viewers care to see what would happen. They think showing recaps among recaps and lame Tout videos will keep us watching? Hell no.

  • yaz

    no thanks.way too much to handle

  • Jaime5150

    to break it down, it’s been good not great but before it went three hours people everyone didnt give it a chance and while it hasnt been great it’s been alright and been consistent so far

  • StocktonJoe

    RAW is 3 hours a week.
    Smackdown is 2 hours a week.
    Between the two shows, there is about 2 hours of wrestling, 45 minutes of promos, 45 minutes of interviews/skits, and (I saved the worst for last) 45 minutes of “what happened on _____’s last show.” The in-ring talent is (for the vast part) working their butts off. You need to promote what’s coming up, so the promos are OK. Irritating, but OK. Same with the interviews/skits. The shows can’t be ALL wrestling. But recaps of what has already happened is just lazy writing and/or having too much time to try to fill.

  • mark

    How about more wrestling matches, less adverts, less promos and replays. that would be a start