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— Randy Orton caused Cody Rhodes to heavily bleed on SmackDown following an errant shot to the head with the ring bell. Cameras quickly cut to close-up shots of Orton’s face, with Rhodes’ back only being visible for the remainder of the segment. Personnel covered Rhodes’ head with a towel before Orton struck him with an RKO on the broadcast table.

The replay, however, showed blood streaming from the back of Rhodes’ head.

According to fans in attendance at Tuesday’s taping, pools of bloods were scattered around the ring following the segment.

— Florida Heavyweight Champion Leo Kruger was among the wrestlers gathered around the ring during John Laurinaitis’ address at the beginning of SmackDown. He worked a dark match prior to the taping, losing to Trent Barreta.

NXT talent also appeared ringside: Darren Young, Derrick Bateman, Maxine and Titus O’Neil.

  • Jon

    They didn’t cut it off after the match in the US. They show the bell hit Rhodes and then the RKO on the announce table. They edit most of the graphic stuff but u still saw him cut and blood on his legs. They put a towel over Rhodes though.

  • Jimbo

    If some yahoo had acidentally opened up Orton like that they’d be fired the next day, a la Mr. Kennedy.

  • Whatever

    well, the whole thing was off the show.
    after the dtt (with ropes) from orton they didn’t broadcast the match anymore…

  • Themark

    Vault matches are because US television shows more ads than UK so they use those matches to fill the gap.

  • nando

    cody rhodes is the future nature boy. he dresses like him in the ring, he bleeds like him. he still needs a robe like his, to take lots of top turnbuckle back body drops, and start being the dirtiest player in the game. wooo! cody rhodes is the future of wwe.

  • Cool Mark Punk

    Yeah i downloaded the UK one by mistake. Was uber pissed when it just went from Orton’s face to Sin Cara i think it cut too?

  • pat

    any idea why they show matches from the “vault” on the uk versions? i sometimes mistakenly download the uk versions and not what shows on syfy so i end up with lame matches from the “vault” makes no sense whatso ever, just wondered why they do it

  • B

    In the UK they just cut straight to Christian & Shamus’ potato skit after Orton did his middle-rope DDT post disqualification. They didn’t even let it run as long as them leaving the ring. :(

  • Jon

    You can still see busted a little bit on the replay they showed him cut

  • Ronni

    About time Cody’s been busted open. Still dont think that one compares to the time at G.A.B when Eddie(RIP) got busted open by JBL

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