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WWE Embarrasses Lilian Garcia After Tuesday Night’s SmackDown Tapings

– Lilian Garcia messed up at Tuesday night’s SmackDown tapings in Newark, New Jersey as she announced Zack Ryder as “Long Island Iced Z” Jack Swagger.

This led to John Cena bringing out Tony Chimel and Zack Ryder for the dark main event cage match. Cena said he was bringing someone who is a professional. Chimel began to introduce Ryder but they kept cutting his mic out to rib him. Finally, Cena did the proper introduction for Ryder. The whole thing was done to apparently embarrass Lilian Garcia.

Source: PWInsider

  • Starship Pain

    Hey, Cena lovers, here’s your hero. The “I always do the right thing guy”. Rise above hate? Yeah, right. Ridiculous…

  • Grimm

    anti – bullying campaign WWE your a bunch of hypacrites

  • Matt

    @heyfit you are seriously stupid and know nothing about professional wrestling

  • Dave

    I think it was a rib on the way certain announcers say certain names. Like Chimel with his “Rated R Soooouuuuuperstar”

  • Jason’s mom

    They mess with Lillian all the time just like with the horse face comments made a few years ago this is just idiotic why pick on someone over and over again like this

  • T-Will

    @Heyfit dude your talking down but you spelled Benoit wrong
    c’mon son

  • Jimbo

    I think it’s long past due for vinnie mac to retire and let someone who isn’t a complete jackass run the company.

  • tang

    *Lilian Garcia
    *Chris Benoit

  • Little Jimmy

    His Name is Jest Harvey and I’m joined by The Tazz!

  • heyfit

    Jilian Garcia sucks.
    She even once announced Chris Benwah as Chris Jericho.

    You can find it on and listen to Benwha’s reaction. it is epic lol.

  • Eve’s left nipple

    From what i’ve heard over the years Tony Chimel has been ripped to pieces by management and i thought he was a rather good ring announcer.

  • Dave

    I just hope she doesn’t botch her lines at Wrestlemania.
    Very easy on the eye. Awesome singing voice.
    But calamity prone. Hence why they have her on Smackdown.

  • sepulz

    An occasional joke is one thing but they pick on Lillian alot and look at IRS career he is the best announcer IMO to ever live and they treated him like dog crap

  • Monty

    There is a difference between bullying and having a joke. Lighten up. They were just having a laugh. Im sure Lillian didnt mind at all.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    “Nobody likes a bully”. –Sponsored by WWE

  • Charismatic Otunga

    Agreed… and wasn’t Super Cena supposed to play a hollier than though character?

  • Billy Zane

    Bully campaign at it’s finest.

  • Effmenow

    Why don’t they embarrass Cole or King when they screw up which is about every show for the past year?

    So much for this bullying campaign. Someone needs to call them out on this.