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WWE Employee Confirms Reports Of Maxine Quitting The Company

Terry Anderson, who has worked as a seamstress and costume designer for WWE since 1989, confirmed online reports that Maxine has quit the sports entertainment organization.

Anderson joyfully teased a WWE departure Tuesday evening via Twitter, writing, “Yes yes yes …so happy a certain person will no longer be with WWE.”

She was than asked whether the person in question was Randy Orton, who is currently serving a sixty-day suspension for his second violation of the Talent Wellness Program. She responded “nope.” When asked of the individual again, she responded, “No worries, no one you’ll miss.”

After reports surfaced online that Maxine had quit WWE, Anderson was asked if it was her. Confirming the reports, she responded, “:) yep.”

According to, Maxine quit WWE due to frustrations with “not being offered a guaranteed deal and not having the chance to prove herself on TV beyond the WWE NXT level.” Her profile, however, remains on the company website and no official announcement concerning her status has been made.

Maxine, whose real name is Karlee Perez, joined WWE as a developmental talent in 2009. After learning the ropes in Florida Championship Wrestling, she was promoted to NXT for the Diva-exclusive third season. She returned to the program in August and became involved in a love triangle with Derrick Bateman and Johnny Curtis.

  • cenaWWE

    WWE will say they release her, so they don’t look bad from her quitting.

  • yofits

    I love her breasts.

    I wonder if they’re fake.

  • Eve’s left nipple

    With the lack of diva’s on the roster this is a blow, She was definetly developing her skills well and could have been a top diva in time.

  • CC

    Not being funny, but regardless of how good or bad she was, she has essentially been with the company five minutes and has thrown a hissy fit because she isnt getting what she wanted.
    There are people who have been there longer than her who are still not getting what they want, but with a few exceptions, they understand that its a waiting game and you have to earn your spot.
    Sounds like this Maxine thinks she is owed something despite being a no name at the moment. AJ has only really started to come into her own, and Kaitlyn who won that season has hardly been used. Why does Maxine think she is any more worthwhile than those girls or any of the others who havent been seen at all since that season?

  • Wife Beater 3:16

    I agree, she was one of the few heel divas who was be able to garner heat, albeit some.

  • Bill

    Out of curiousity, why does this Anderson person not like Maxine? Was she rude backstage?

  • Although, she wasn’t a key factor in the divas divison. She had the potential to be a memorable heel. You can’t expect things 2 be hand 2 you on a silver platter. Life shouldn’t be about waiting to get the opportunity, it should be about doing your best to get it. But with this current state of divas and lack of character development, its understandable that they want 2 leave.

  • Whooper

    “If you want it come and get it….. Cause I won’t be around for long”
    Theme song is so fitting now LOL

  • adam

    Its honestly not that big of a lose i mean the few times she wrestled even on NXT or superstars she wasnt that good. And now it will give batman and johnny curtis a chance to go be there own charcters with out just fighitng over her.

  • T-Will

    hope maybe she’ll come back.