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- Total Divas star Eva Marie being fast-tracked to the WWE roster in spite of her lack of wrestling experience has some people within the sports-entertainment organization upset.

Dave Meltzer revealed in this week’s issue of the Wrestling Observer Newseltter that each time Eva Marie competes on television, he’ll hear complaints from her co-workers. According to him, they are baffled with the 29-year-old wrestling on television while experienced developmental workers in Emma and Paige remain stuck in NXT.

Monday on Raw during a tag team match, Eva Marie secured her first pinfall by rolling up Tamina. She is scheduled to appear on the company’s tour of Europe, as she revealed on Twitter that she will be on hand for Saturday’s show in Munich, Germany.

- Antonio Thomas, who competed for WWE in 2005 and 2006 as a member of The Heart Throbs, spoke to the The Sports Courier about his time with the organization (the relationship between WWE and Ohio Valley Wrestling while he was employed, working with Jim Cornette and Bill DeMott, his WWE match, the huge turnover of talent in the mid-2000s, etc.), his wrestling school, New England Championship Wrestling, the Boston Red Sox and more.

0 WWE Employees Complaining About Eva Marie, Antonio Thomas Speaks Out, More

- Currently featured on the front page of WWE.com is a poll asking fans on the hottest couple. With over 130,00 votes cast, Lita and Edge are leading at 35%, followed by Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee at 18% and “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth at 15%.

  • Minstrel_Period

    I refute you.

    WWE is transforming into a different business model. When WWE is done opening up everything and making its changes, and launching the network, they will be a different company.

    Raw, and Smackdown will be the “Wrestling” facet of the company. There will be quite a few projects, and some of them could even give more non-wrestling prospects to talent. They will become an entertainment empire. They already are. They just haven’t fully actualized it.

  • mike

    It’s funny how no one understands… Wwe is an entertainment company now.. entertainment first.. wrestling second. As much as you might mot agree with that philosophy.. it’s fact and it is what works. The reason why Eva and the bellas are on tv all the tome and why eva is being “fastracked” is because they are getting her over as a character for people to want to watch them on an entirely diffrent product. Total divas.

  • lulu

    Well, why don’t they bring both of them to the main roster???

    Since, they are considering adding a 4th member to the wyatt family… Why don’t they add Paige to the group…. She would fit in perfectly..

    Honestly, the only divas that can wrestle right in the main roster now is Summer Rae, Natalya, AJ, Layla, Tamina, and Kaytlin

    Bella Twins and Naomi improving little by little… The rest need work…

    Eva Marie couldn’t wrestle to save her life…. Although, the crowd seems to like her which is good but with the ring skills she has it’s best to keep her in 24/7 training and pray that she becomes descent..

  • Scooter

    I honestly don’t see why they didn’t just put Summer Rae in her spot, technically she’s still a rookie but she’s very good in the ring and could’ve been fast tracked without being so damn awful.

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